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1932 Summer Olympics
Los Angeles, United States

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Bobby Pearce AUS 7:44.4 GOLD
William Miller USA 7:45.2 SILVER
Guillermo Douglas URU 8:13.6 BRONZE
Double Sculls Men William Gilmore USA 7:17.4 GOLD
Kenneth Myers USA 7:17.4 GOLD
Gerhard Boetzelen GER 7:22.8 SILVER
Herbert Buhtz GER 7:22.8 SILVER
NoŽl de Mille CAN 7:27.6 BRONZE
Ned Pratt CAN 7:27.6 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Men Lewis Clive GBR 8:00.0 GOLD
Hugh Edwards GBR 8:00.0 GOLD
Cyril Stiles NZL 8:02.4 SILVER
Fred Thompson NZL 8:02.4 SILVER
Janusz Mikolajczak POL 8:08.2 BRONZE
Henryk Budzinski POL 8:08.2 BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men Edward Jennings USA 8:25.8 GOLD
Charles Kieffer USA 8:25.8 GOLD
Joseph Schauers USA 8:25.8 GOLD
Jerzy Skolimowski POL 8:31.2 SILVER
Janusz Slazak POL 8:31.2 SILVER
Jerzy Braun POL 8:31.2 SILVER
Pierre Brunet FRA 8:41.2 BRONZE
Anselme Brusa FRA 8:41.2 BRONZE
Andrť Giriat FRA 8:41.2 BRONZE
Coxless Fours Men Hugh Edwards GBR 6:58.2 GOLD
Jack Beresford GBR 6:58.2 GOLD
John Badcock GBR 6:58.2 GOLD
Roland George GBR 6:58.2 GOLD
Hans Maier GER 7:03.0 SILVER
Karl Aletter GER 7:03.0 SILVER
Walter Flinsch GER 7:03.0 SILVER
Ernst Gaber GER 7:03.0 SILVER
Francesco Cossu KIT 7:04.0 BRONZE
Giliante d'Este KIT 7:04.0 BRONZE
Antonio Ghiardello KIT 7:04.0 BRONZE
Antonio Garzoni Provenzani KIT 7:04.0 BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men Horst Hoeck GER 7:19.0 GOLD
Walter Meyer GER 7:19.0 GOLD
Carlheinz Neumann GER 7:19.0 GOLD
Joachim Spremberg GER 7:19.0 GOLD
Hans Eller GER 7:19.0 GOLD
Riccardo Divora KIT 7:19.2 SILVER
Giovanni Scherl KIT 7:19.2 SILVER
Giovanni Plazzer KIT 7:19.2 SILVER
Bruno Parovel KIT 7:19.2 SILVER
Bruno Vattovaz KIT 7:19.2 SILVER
Stanislaw Urban POL 7:26.8 BRONZE
Edward Kobyliwski POL 7:26.8 BRONZE
Jerzy Skolimowski POL 7:26.8 BRONZE
Janusz Slazak POL 7:26.8 BRONZE
Jerzy Braun POL 7:26.8 BRONZE
Eights Men Charles Chandler USA 6:37.6 GOLD
James Blair USA 6:37.6 GOLD
David Dunlap USA 6:37.6 GOLD
Norris Graham USA 6:37.6 GOLD
Duncan Gregg USA 6:37.6 GOLD
Winslow Hall USA 6:37.6 GOLD
Harold Tower USA 6:37.6 GOLD
Edwin Salisbury USA 6:37.6 GOLD
Burton Jastram USA 6:37.6 GOLD
Cesare Milani KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Enrico Garzelli KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Guglielmo Del Bimbo KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Renato Bracci KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Mario Balleri KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Renato Barbieri KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Dino Barsotti KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Vittorio Cioni KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Roberto Vestrini KIT 6:37.8 SILVER
Donald Boal CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
Earl Eastwood CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
Harry Fry CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
Joseph Harris CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
Cedric Liddell CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
George MacDonald CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
Albert Taylor CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
William Thoburn CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE
Stanley Stanyar CAN 6:40.4 BRONZE

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