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1936 Summer Olympics
Berlin, Germany

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Foil, Individual Giulio Gaudini KIT GOLD
Edward Gardčre FRA SILVER
Giorgio Bocchino KIT BRONZE
Foil, Team Giorgio Bocchino KIT GOLD
Manlio di Rosa KIT GOLD
Giulio Gaudini KIT GOLD
Gioacchino Guaragna KIT GOLD
Gustavo Marzi KIT GOLD
Ciro Verratti KIT GOLD
René Lemoine FRA SILVER
Edward Gardčre FRA SILVER
André Gardčre FRA SILVER
Jaques Coutrot FRA SILVER
René Bondoux FRA SILVER
René Bougnol FRA SILVER
Erwin Casmir GER BRONZE
Julius Eisenecker GER BRONZE
August Heim GER BRONZE
Siegried Lerdon GER BRONZE
Stefan Rosenbauer GER BRONZE
Épée, Individual Franco Riccardi KIT GOLD
Saverio Ragno KIT SILVER
Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici KIT BRONZE
Épée, Team Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici KIT GOLD
Giancarlo Brusati KIT GOLD
Saverio Ragno KIT GOLD
Franco Riccardi KIT GOLD
Alfredo Pezzana KIT GOLD
Edoardo Mangiarotti KIT GOLD
Hans Granfelt SWE SILVER
Sven Thofelt SWE SILVER
Gösta Almgren SWE SILVER
Birger Cederin SWE SILVER
Gustaf Dyrssen SWE SILVER
Hans Drakenberg SWE SILVER
Henri Dulieux FRA BRONZE
Philippe Cattiau FRA BRONZE
Georges Buchard FRA BRONZE
Michel Pécheux FRA BRONZE
Bernard Schmetz FRA BRONZE
Paul Wormser FRA BRONZE
Sabre, Individual Endre Kabos HUN GOLD
Gustavo Marzi KIT SILVER
Aladár Gerevich HUN BRONZE
Sabre, Team Aladár Gerevich HUN GOLD
Endre Kabos HUN GOLD
Pál Kovács HUN GOLD
Tibor Berczelly HUN GOLD
László Rajcsányi HUN GOLD
Imre Rajczy HUN GOLD
Vincenzo Pinton KIT SILVER
Gustavo Marzi KIT SILVER
Aldo Masciotta KIT SILVER
Aldo Montano KIT SILVER
Athos Tanzini KIT SILVER
Giulio Gaudini KIT SILVER
Julius Eisenecker GER BRONZE
August Heim GER BRONZE
Hans Jörger GER BRONZE
Erwin Casmir GER BRONZE
Richard Wahl GER BRONZE
Foil, Individual Women Ilona Elek HUN GOLD
Helene Mayer GER SILVER
Ellen Preis AUT BRONZE

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