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1936 Summer Olympics
Berlin, Germany

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Gustav Schäfer GER 8:21.5 GOLD
Josef Hasenöhrl AUT 8:25.8 SILVER
Daniel Barrow USA 8:28.0 BRONZE
Double Sculls Men Jack Beresford GBR 7:20.8 GOLD
Dick Southwood GBR 7:20.8 GOLD
Joachim Pirsch GER 7:26.2 SILVER
Willi Kaidel GER 7:26.2 SILVER
Jerzy Ustupski POL 7:36.2 BRONZE
Roger Verey POL 7:36.2 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Men Hugo Strauß GER 8:16.1 GOLD
Willi Eichhorn GER 8:16.1 GOLD
Peter Olsen DEN 8:19.2 SILVER
Harry Larsen DEN 8:19.2 SILVER
Horacio Podestá ARG 8:23.0 BRONZE
Julio Curatella ARG 8:23.0 BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men Herbert Adamski GER 8:36.9 GOLD
Dieter Arend GER 8:36.9 GOLD
Gerhard Gustmann GER 8:36.9 GOLD
Almiro Bergamo KIT 8:49.7 SILVER
Luciano Negrini KIT 8:49.7 SILVER
Guido Santin KIT 8:49.7 SILVER
Noël Vandemotte FRA 8:54.0 BRONZE
Marceau Fourcade FRA 8:54.0 BRONZE
Georges Tapie FRA 8:54.0 BRONZE
Coxless Fours Men Martin Karl GER 7:01.8 GOLD
Rudolf Eckstein GER 7:01.8 GOLD
Toni Rom GER 7:01.8 GOLD
Willi Menne GER 7:01.8 GOLD
Peter Jackson GBR 7:06.5 SILVER
John Sturrock GBR 7:06.5 SILVER
Thomas Bristow GBR 7:06.5 SILVER
Alan Barrett GBR 7:06.5 SILVER
Hermann Betschart SUI 7:10.6 BRONZE
Hans Homberger SUI 7:10.6 BRONZE
Alex Homberger SUI 7:10.6 BRONZE
Karl Schmid SUI 7:10.6 BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men Paul Söllner GER 7:16.2 GOLD
Hans Maier GER 7:16.2 GOLD
Ernst Gaber GER 7:16.2 GOLD
Fritz Bauer GER 7:16.2 GOLD
Walter Volle GER 7:16.2 GOLD
Hermann Betschart SUI 7:24.3 SILVER
Alex Homberger SUI 7:24.3 SILVER
Hans Homberger SUI 7:24.3 SILVER
Karl Schmid SUI 7:24.3 SILVER
Rolf Spring SUI 7:24.3 SILVER
Noël Vandemotte FRA 7:33.3 BRONZE
Fernand Vandemotte FRA 7:33.3 BRONZE
Marcel Vandemotte FRA 7:33.3 BRONZE
Marcel Chauvigné FRA 7:33.3 BRONZE
Marcel Cosmat FRA 7:33.3 BRONZE
Eights Men Charles Day USA 6:25.4 GOLD
Gordon Adam USA 6:25.4 GOLD
Donald Hume USA 6:25.4 GOLD
George Hunt USA 6:25.4 GOLD
James McMillin USA 6:25.4 GOLD
Bob Moch USA 6:25.4 GOLD
Herbert Morris USA 6:25.4 GOLD
Joseph Rantz USA 6:25.4 GOLD
John White USA 6:25.4 GOLD
Ottorino Quaglierini KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Cesare Milani KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Dante Secchi KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Enrico Garzelli KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Oreste Grossi KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Mario Checcacci KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Guglielmo Del Bimbo KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Dino Barsotti KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Enzo Bartolini KIT 6:26.0 SILVER
Hans-Joachim Hannemann GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Heinz Kaufmann GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Hans Kuschke GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Herbert Schmidt GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Werner Loeckle GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Wilhelm Mahlow GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Helmut Radach GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Alfred Rieck GER 6:26.4 BRONZE
Gerd Völs GER 6:26.4 BRONZE

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