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1960 Summer Olympics
Rome, Italy

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
1000m Sprint (Scratch) Men Sante Gaiardoni ITA 2-0 GOLD
Leo Sterckx BEL SILVER
Valentino Gasparella ITA BRONZE
1000m Time Trial Men Sante Gaiardoni ITA 1:07.27 GOLD
Dieter Gieseler GER 1:08.75 SILVER
Rotislav Vargashkin URS 1:08.86 BRONZE
4000m Team Pursuit Men Mario Vallotto ITA 4:30.90 GOLD
Marino Vigna ITA 4:30.90 GOLD
Luigi Arienti ITA 4:30.90 GOLD
Franco Testa ITA 4:30.90 GOLD
Manfred Klieme GER 4:35.78 SILVER
Siegfried Köhler GER 4:35.78 SILVER
Bernd Barleben GER 4:35.78 SILVER
Peter Gröning GER 4:35.78 SILVER
Arnold Belgardt URS 4:34.05 BRONZE
Leonid Kolumbet URS 4:34.05 BRONZE
Stanislav Moskvin URS 4:34.05 BRONZE
Viktor Romanov URS 4:34.05 BRONZE
Individual Road Race Men Viktor Kapitonov URS 4:20:37 GOLD
Livio Trapè ITA 4:20:37 SILVER
Willy van den Berghen BEL 4:20:57 BRONZE
Team Road Race Men 100km Livio Trapè ITA 2:14:33.53 GOLD
Ottavio Cogliati ITA 2:14:33.53 GOLD
Giacomo Fornoni ITA 2:14:33.53 GOLD
Antonio Bailetti ITA 2:14:33.53 GOLD
Erich Hagen GER 2:16:56.31 SILVER
Gustav-Adolf Schur GER 2:16:56.31 SILVER
Günter Lörke GER 2:16:56.31 SILVER
Egon Adler GER 2:16:56.31 SILVER
Yury Melikhov URS 2:18:41.67 BRONZE
Aleksey Petrov URS 2:18:41.67 BRONZE
Viktor Kapitonov URS 2:18:41.67 BRONZE
Yevgeny Klevtsov URS 2:18:41.67 BRONZE
2000m Tandem Giuseppe Beghetto ITA 2-0 GOLD
Sergio Bianchetto ITA 2-0 GOLD
Jürgen Simon GER SILVER
Lothar Stäber GER SILVER
Vladimir Leonov URS BRONZE
Boris Vasilyev URS BRONZE

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