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1964 Summer Olympics
Tokyo, Japan

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Don Schollander USA 53.4 GOLD
Robert McGregor GBR 53.5 SILVER
Hans-Joachim Klein GER 54.0 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Don Schollander USA 4:12.2 GOLD
Frank Wiegand GER 4:14.9 SILVER
Allan Wood AUS 4:15.1 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Robert Windle AUS 17:01.7 GOLD
John Nelson USA 17:03.0 SILVER
Allan Wood AUS 17:07.7 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Men Jed Graef USA 2:10.3 GOLD
Gary Dilley USA 2:10.5 SILVER
Robert Bennett USA 2:13.1 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Ian O'Brien AUS 2:27.8 GOLD
Georgy Prokopenko URS 2:28.2 SILVER
Chester Jastremski USA 2:29.6 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Men Kevin Berry AUS 2:06.6 GOLD
Carl Robie USA 2:07.5 SILVER
Fred Schmidt USA 2:09.3 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Men Richard Roth USA 4:45.4 GOLD
Roy Saari USA 4:47.1 SILVER
Gerhard Hetz GER 4:51.0 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Men Gary Ilman USA 3:33.2 GOLD
Don Schollander USA 3:33.2 GOLD
Michael Austin USA 3:33.2 GOLD
Steve Clark USA 3:33.2 GOLD
Hans-Joachim Klein GER 3:37.2 SILVER
Horst Löffler GER 3:37.2 SILVER
Frank Wiegand GER 3:37.2 SILVER
Robert Windle AUS 3:39.1 BRONZE
John Ryan AUS 3:39.1 BRONZE
Peter Doak AUS 3:39.1 BRONZE
David Dickson AUS 3:39.1 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men Steve Clark USA 7:52.1 GOLD
Don Schollander USA 7:52.1 GOLD
Roy Saari USA 7:52.1 GOLD
Gary Ilman USA 7:52.1 GOLD
Gerhard Hetz GER 7:59.3 SILVER
Hans-Joachim Klein GER 7:59.3 SILVER
Uwe Jacobsen GER 7:59.3 SILVER
Horst-Günter Gregor GER 7:59.3 SILVER
Frank Wiegand GER 7:59.3 SILVER
Makoto Fukui JPN 8:03.8 BRONZE
Kunihiro Iwasaki JPN 8:03.8 BRONZE
Toshio Shoji JPN 8:03.8 BRONZE
Yukiaki Okabe JPN 8:03.8 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Men Fred Schmidt USA 3:58.4 GOLD
Harold Mann USA 3:58.4 GOLD
Steve Clark USA 3:58.4 GOLD
William Craig USA 3:58.4 GOLD
Horst-Günter Gregor GER 4:01.6 SILVER
Eugen Henninger GER 4:01.6 SILVER
Hans-Joachim Klein GER 4:01.6 SILVER
Ernst-Joachim Küppers GER 4:01.6 SILVER
Ian O'Brien AUS 4:02.3 BRONZE
David Dickson AUS 4:02.3 BRONZE
Kevin Berry AUS 4:02.3 BRONZE
Peter Reynolds AUS 4:02.3 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Dawn Fraser AUS 59.5 GOLD
Sharon Stouder USA 59.9 SILVER
Kathleen Ellis USA 1:00.8 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Virginia Duenkel USA 4:43.3 GOLD
Marilyn Ramenofsky USA 4:44.6 SILVER
Terri Stickles USA 4:47.2 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Cathy Ferguson USA 1:07.7 GOLD
Kiki Caron FRA 1:07.9 SILVER
Virginia Duenkel USA 1:08.0 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchykova URS 2:46.4 GOLD
Claudia Kolb USA 2:47.6 SILVER
Svetlana Babalina URS 2:48.6 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Women Sharon Stouder USA 1:04.7 GOLD
Ada Kok NED 1:05.6 SILVER
Kathleen Ellis USA 1:06.0 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Women Donna de Varona USA 5:18.7 GOLD
Sharon Finneran USA 5:24.1 SILVER
Martha Randall USA 5:24.2 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Donna de Varona USA 4:03.8 GOLD
Kathleen Ellis USA 4:03.8 GOLD
Sharon Stouder USA 4:03.8 GOLD
Pokey Watson USA 4:03.8 GOLD
Robyn Thorn AUS 4:06.9 SILVER
Dawn Fraser AUS 4:06.9 SILVER
Lynette Bell AUS 4:06.9 SILVER
Janice Murphy AUS 4:06.9 SILVER
Toos Beumer NED 4:12.0 BRONZE
Paulina van der Wildt NED 4:12.0 BRONZE
Winnie van Weerdeburg NED 4:12.0 BRONZE
Erica Terpstra NED 4:12.0 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Women Sharon Stouder USA 4:33.9 GOLD
Cynthia Goyette USA 4:33.9 GOLD
Kathleen Ellis USA 4:33.9 GOLD
Cathy Ferguson USA 4:33.9 GOLD
Klemie Bimolt NED 4:37.0 SILVER
Ada Kok NED 4:37.0 SILVER
Erica Terpstra NED 4:37.0 SILVER
Korrie Winkel NED 4:37.0 SILVER
Natalya Ustinova URS 4:39.2 BRONZE
Tatyana Savelyeva URS 4:39.2 BRONZE
Svetlana Babalina URS 4:39.2 BRONZE
Tatyana Devyatova URS 4:39.2 BRONZE

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