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1968 Summer Olympics
Mexico City, Mexico

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Michael Wenden AUS 52.2 GOLD
Kenneth Walsh USA 52.8 SILVER
Mark Spitz USA 53.0 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Men Michael Wenden AUS 1:55.2 GOLD
Don Schollander USA 1:55.8 SILVER
John Nelson USA 1:58.1 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Mike Burton USA 4:09.0 GOLD
Ralph Hutton CAN 4:11.7 SILVER
Alain Mosconi FRA 4:13.3 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Mike Burton USA 16:38.9 GOLD
John Kinsella USA 16:57.3 SILVER
Gregory Brough AUS 17:04.7 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men Roland Matthes GDR 0:58.7 GOLD
Charles Hickcox USA 1:00.2 SILVER
Ronald Mills USA 1:00.5 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Men Roland Matthes GDR 2:09.6 GOLD
Mitchell Ivey USA 2:10.6 SILVER
Jack Horsley USA 2:10.9 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Men Donald McKenzie USA 1:07.7 GOLD
Vladimir Kosinsky URS 1:08.0 SILVER
Nikolay Pankin URS 1:08.0 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Felipe Múñoz MEX 2:28.7 GOLD
Vladimir Kosinsky URS 2:29.2 SILVER
Brian Job USA 2:29.9 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Men Douglas Russell USA 55.9 GOLD
Mark Spitz USA 56.4 SILVER
Ross Wales USA 57.2 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Men Carl Robie USA 2:08.7 GOLD
Martyn Woodroffe GBR 2:09.0 SILVER
John Ferris USA 2:09.3 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Men Charles Hickcox USA 2:12.0 GOLD
Gregory Buckingham USA 2:13.0 SILVER
John Ferris USA 2:13.3 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Men Charles Hickcox USA 4:48.4 GOLD
Gary Hall USA 4:48.7 SILVER
Michael Holthaus FRG 4:51.4 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Men Zachary Zorn USA 3:31.7 GOLD
Kenneth Walsh USA 3:31.7 GOLD
Mark Spitz USA 3:31.7 GOLD
Stephen Rerych USA 3:31.7 GOLD
Viktor Mazanov URS 3:34.2 SILVER
Leonid Ilyichov URS 3:34.2 SILVER
Georgi Kulikov URS 3:34.2 SILVER
Semyon Belitz-Geyman URS 3:34.2 SILVER
Robert Cusack AUS 3:34.7 BRONZE
Yury Gromak AUS 3:34.7 BRONZE
Gregory Rogers AUS 3:34.7 BRONZE
Michael Wenden AUS 3:34.7 BRONZE
Robert Windle AUS 3:34.7 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men Mark Spitz USA 7:52.33 GOLD
Don Schollander USA 7:52.33 GOLD
John Nelson USA 7:52.33 GOLD
Stephen Rerych USA 7:52.33 GOLD
Gregory Rogers AUS 7:53.77 SILVER
Robert Windle AUS 7:53.77 SILVER
Graham White AUS 7:53.77 SILVER
Michael Wenden AUS 7:53.77 SILVER
Semyon Belitz-Geyman URS 8:01.66 BRONZE
Vladimir Bure URS 8:01.66 BRONZE
Georgi Kulikov URS 8:01.66 BRONZE
Leonid Ilyichov URS 8:01.66 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Men Charles Hickcox USA 3:54.9 GOLD
Donald McKenzie USA 3:54.9 GOLD
Kenneth Walsh USA 3:54.9 GOLD
Douglas Russell USA 3:54.9 GOLD
Frank Wiegand GDR 3:57.5 SILVER
Roland Matthes GDR 3:57.5 SILVER
Eugen Henninger GDR 3:57.5 SILVER
Horst-Günter Gregor GDR 3:57.5 SILVER
Leonid Ilyichov URS 4:00.7 BRONZE
Vladimir Kosinsky URS 4:00.7 BRONZE
Vladimir Nemshilov URS 4:00.7 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Jan Henne USA 1:00.0 GOLD
Susan Pedersen USA 1:00.3 SILVER
Linda Gustavson USA 1:00.3 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Women Debbie Meyer USA 2:10.5 GOLD
Jan Henne USA 2:11.0 SILVER
Jane Barkman USA 2:11.2 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Debbie Meyer USA 4:31.8 GOLD
Linda Gustavson USA 4:35.5 SILVER
Karen Moras AUS 4:37.0 BRONZE
800m Freestyle Women Debbie Meyer USA 9:24.0 GOLD
Pamela Kruse USA 9:35.7 SILVER
Maria Teresa Ramirez MEX 9:38.5 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Kaye Hall USA 1:06.2 GOLD
Elaine Tanner CAN 1:06.7 SILVER
Jane Swagerty USA 1:08.1 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Women Pokey Watson USA 2:24.8 GOLD
Elaine Tanner CAN 2:27.4 SILVER
Kaye Hall USA 2:28.9 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Women Djurdica Bjedov YUG 1:15.8 GOLD
Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchykova URS 1:15.9 SILVER
Sharon Wichman USA 1:16.1 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Sharon Wichman USA 2:44.4 GOLD
Djurdica Bjedov YUG 2:46.4 SILVER
Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchykova URS 2:47.0 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Women Lynette McClements AUS 1:05.5 GOLD
Ellie Daniel USA 1:05.8 SILVER
Susan Shields USA 1:06.2 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Women Ada Kok NED 2:24.7 GOLD
Helga Lindner GDR 2:24.8 SILVER
Ellie Daniel USA 2:25.9 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Women Claudia Kolb USA 2:24.7 GOLD
Susan Pedersen USA 2:28.8 SILVER
Jan Henne USA 2:31.4 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Women Claudia Kolb USA 5:08.5 GOLD
Lynn Vidali USA 5:22.2 SILVER
Sabine Steinbach GDR 5:25.3 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Susan Pedersen USA 4:02.5 GOLD
Jan Henne USA 4:02.5 GOLD
Linda Gustavson USA 4:02.5 GOLD
Jane Barkman USA 4:02.5 GOLD
Martina Grunert GDR 4:05.7 SILVER
Roswitha Krause GDR 4:05.7 SILVER
Uta Schmuck GDR 4:05.7 SILVER
Gabriele Wetzko GDR 4:05.7 SILVER
Elaine Tanner CAN 4:07.2 BRONZE
Marion Lay CAN 4:07.2 BRONZE
Marilyn Corson CAN 4:07.2 BRONZE
Angela Coughlan CAN 4:07.2 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Women Ellie Daniel USA 4:28.3 GOLD
Catie Ball USA 4:28.3 GOLD
Kaye Hall USA 4:28.3 GOLD
Susan Pedersen USA 4:28.3 GOLD
Judy Playfair AUS 4:30.0 SILVER
Lynette McClements AUS 4:30.0 SILVER
Janet Steinbeck AUS 4:30.0 SILVER
Lynette Watson AUS 4:30.0 SILVER
Heidemarie Reineck FRG 4:36.4 BRONZE
Uta Frommater FRG 4:36.4 BRONZE
Angelika Kraus FRG 4:36.4 BRONZE
Heike Hustede FRG 4:36.4 BRONZE

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