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1972 Summer Olympics
München, Germany

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Yury Malyshev URS 7:10.12 GOLD
Alberto Demiddi ARG 7:11.53 SILVER
Wolfgang Güldenpfennig GDR 7:14.45 BRONZE
Double Sculls Men Gennady Korshikov URS 7:01.77 GOLD
Aleksandr Timoshinin URS 7:01.77 GOLD
Frank Hansen NOR 7:02.58 SILVER
Svein Thøgersen NOR 7:02.58 SILVER
Joachim Böhmer GDR 7:05.55 BRONZE
Hans-Ullrich Schmied GDR 7:05.55 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Men Wolfgang Mager GDR 6:53.16 GOLD
Siegfried Brietzke GDR 6:53.16 GOLD
Alfred Bachmann SUI 6:57.06 SILVER
Heinrich Fischer SUI 6:57.06 SILVER
Roelof Luynenburg NED 6:58.70 BRONZE
Ruud Stokvis NED 6:58.70 BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men Jörg Lucke GDR 7:17.25 GOLD
Klaus-Dieter Neubert GDR 7:17.25 GOLD
Wolfgang Gunkel GDR 7:17.25 GOLD
Vladimír Petricek CZE 7:19.57 SILVER
Oldwich Svojanovsky CZE 7:19.57 SILVER
Pavel Svojanovsky CZE 7:19.57 SILVER
Ladislau Lovrenski ROM 7:21.36 BRONZE
Petre Ceapura ROM 7:21.36 BRONZE
Stefan Tudor ROM 7:21.36 BRONZE
Coxless Fours Men Frank Forberger GDR 6:24.27 GOLD
Dieter Grahn GDR 6:24.27 GOLD
Dieter Schubert GDR 6:24.27 GOLD
Frank Rühle GDR 6:24.27 GOLD
Dudley Storey NZL 6:25.64 SILVER
Dick Tonks NZL 6:25.64 SILVER
Noel Mills NZL 6:25.64 SILVER
Ross Collinge NZL 6:25.64 SILVER
Joachim Ehrig FRG 6:28.41 BRONZE
Peter Funnekötter FRG 6:28.41 BRONZE
Franz Held FRG 6:28.41 BRONZE
Wolfgang Plottke FRG 6:28.41 BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men Hans-Johann Färber FRG 6:31.85 GOLD
Gerhard Auer FRG 6:31.85 GOLD
Uwe Benter FRG 6:31.85 GOLD
Peter Berger FRG 6:31.85 GOLD
Alois Bierl FRG 6:31.85 GOLD
Reinhard Gust GDR 6:33.30 SILVER
Rolf Jobst GDR 6:33.30 SILVER
Eckhard Martens GDR 6:33.30 SILVER
Klaus-Dieter Ludwig GDR 6:33.30 SILVER
Dietrich Zander GDR 6:33.30 SILVER
Otakar Marecek CZE 6:35.64 BRONZE
Karel Neffe CZE 6:35.64 BRONZE
Vladimír Petricek CZE 6:35.64 BRONZE
Frantisek Provazník CZE 6:35.64 BRONZE
Vladimír Janos CZE 6:35.64 BRONZE
Eights Men John Hunter NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Tony Hurt NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Dick Joyce NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Trevor Coker NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Simon Dickie NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Athol Earl NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Gary Robertson NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Wybo Veldman NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Lindsay Wilson NZL 6:08.94 GOLD
Peter Raymond USA 6:11.61 SILVER
Lawrence Terry USA 6:11.61 SILVER
Timothy Mickelson USA 6:11.61 SILVER
John Livingston USA 6:11.61 SILVER
Michael Livingston USA 6:11.61 SILVER
Eugene Clapp USA 6:11.61 SILVER
Fritz Hobbs USA 6:11.61 SILVER
William Hobbs USA 6:11.61 SILVER
Paul Hoffman USA 6:11.61 SILVER
Bernd Landvoigt GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Jörg Landvoigt GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Hans-Joachim Borzym GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Harold Dimke GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Heinrich Mederow GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Dietmar Schwarz GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Manfred Schmorde GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Manfred Schneider GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE
Hartmut Schreiber GDR 6:11.67 BRONZE

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