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1976 Summer Olympics
Montreal, Canada

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Jim Montgomery USA 49.99 GOLD
Jack Babashoff USA 50.81 SILVER
Peter Nocke FRG 51.31 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Men Bruce Furniss USA 1:50.29 GOLD
John Naber USA 1:50.50 SILVER
Jim Montgomery USA 1:50.58 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Brian Goodell USA 3:51.93 GOLD
Timothy Shaw USA 3:52.54 SILVER
Vladimir Raskatov URS 3:55.76 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Brian Goodell USA 15:02.40 GOLD
Robert Hackett USA 15:03.91 SILVER
Stephen Holland AUS 15:04.66 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men John Naber USA 55.49 GOLD
Peter Rocca USA 56.34 SILVER
Roland Matthes GDR 57.22 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Men John Naber USA 1:59.19 GOLD
Peter Rocca USA 2:00.55 SILVER
Daniel Harrigan USA 2:01.35 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Men John Hencken USA 1:03.11 GOLD
David Wilkie GBR 1:03.43 SILVER
Arvidas Juozaitis URS 1:04.23 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men David Wilkie GBR 2:15.11 GOLD
John Hencken USA 2:17.26 SILVER
Richard Colella USA 2:19.20 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Men Matt Vogel USA 54.35 GOLD
Joseph Bottom USA 54.50 SILVER
Gary Hall USA 54.65 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Men Mike Bruner USA 1:59.23 GOLD
Steven Gregg USA 1:59.54 SILVER
William Forrester USA 1:59.96 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Men Rod Strachan USA 4:23.68 GOLD
Tim McKee USA 4:24.62 SILVER
Andrey Smirnov URS 4:26.90 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men John Naber USA 7:23.22 GOLD
Jim Montgomery USA 7:23.22 GOLD
Bruce Furniss USA 7:23.22 GOLD
Mike Bruner USA 7:23.22 GOLD
Andrey Bogdanov URS 7:27.97 SILVER
Sergey Koplyakov URS 7:27.97 SILVER
Andrey Krylov URS 7:27.97 SILVER
Vladimir Raskatov URS 7:27.97 SILVER
Alan McClatchey GBR 7:32.11 BRONZE
Brian Brinkley GBR 7:32.11 BRONZE
Gordon Downie GBR 7:32.11 BRONZE
David Dunne GBR 7:32.11 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Men John Hencken USA 3:42.22 GOLD
Jim Montgomery USA 3:42.22 GOLD
John Naber USA 3:42.22 GOLD
Matt Vogel USA 3:42.22 GOLD
Donald Smith CAN 3:45.94 SILVER
Gary MacDonald CAN 3:45.94 SILVER
Stephen Pickell CAN 3:45.94 SILVER
Clay Evans CAN 3:45.94 SILVER
Peter Nocke FRG 3:47.29 BRONZE
Walter Kusch FRG 3:47.29 BRONZE
Michael Kraus FRG 3:47.29 BRONZE
Klaus Steinbach FRG 3:47.29 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Kornelia Ender GDR 55.65 GOLD
Petra Priemer GDR 56.49 SILVER
Enith Brigitha NED 56.65 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Women Kornelia Ender GDR 1:59.26 GOLD
Shirley Babashoff USA 2:01.22 SILVER
Enith Brigitha NED 2:01.40 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Petra Thümer GDR 4:09.89 GOLD
Shirley Babashoff USA 4:10.46 SILVER
Shannon Smith CAN 4:14.60 BRONZE
800m Freestyle Women Petra Thümer GDR 8:37.14 GOLD
Shirley Babashoff USA 8:37.59 SILVER
Wendy Weinberg USA 8:42.60 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Ulrike Richter GDR 1:01.83 GOLD
Birgit Treiber GDR 1:03.41 SILVER
Nancy Garapick CAN 1:03.71 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Women Ulrike Richter GDR 2:13.43 GOLD
Birgit Treiber GDR 2:14.97 SILVER
Nancy Garapick CAN 2:15.60 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Women Hannelore Anke GDR 1:11.16 GOLD
Lyubov Rusanova URS 1:13.04 SILVER
Marina Koshevaya URS 1:13.30 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Marina Koshevaya URS 2:33.35 GOLD
Marina Yurchenya URS 2:36.08 SILVER
Lyubov Rusanova URS 2:36.22 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Women Kornelia Ender GDR 1:00.13 GOLD
Andrea Pollack GDR 1:00.98 SILVER
Wendy Boglioli USA 1:01.17 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Women Andrea Pollack GDR 2:11.41 GOLD
Ulrike Tauber GDR 2:12.50 SILVER
Rosemarie Gabriel GDR 2:12.86 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Women Ulrike Tauber GDR 4:42.77 GOLD
Cheryl Gibson CAN 4:48.10 SILVER
Becky Smith CAN 4:50.48 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Jill Sterkel USA 3:44.82 GOLD
Wendy Boglioli USA 3:44.82 GOLD
Shirley Babashoff USA 3:44.82 GOLD
Kim Peyton USA 3:44.82 GOLD
Andrea Pollack GDR 3:45.50 SILVER
Claudia Hempel GDR 3:45.50 SILVER
Kornelia Ender GDR 3:45.50 SILVER
Petra Priemer GDR 3:45.50 SILVER
Becky Smith CAN 3:48.81 BRONZE
Gail Amundrud CAN 3:48.81 BRONZE
Barbara Clark CAN 3:48.81 BRONZE
Ann Jardin CAN 3:48.81 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Women Andrea Pollack GDR 4:07.95 GOLD
Hannelore Anke GDR 4:07.95 GOLD
Kornelia Ender GDR 4:07.95 GOLD
Ulrike Richter GDR 4:07.95 GOLD
Lauri Siering USA 4:14.55 SILVER
Camille Wright USA 4:14.55 SILVER
Shirley Babashoff USA 4:14.55 SILVER
Linda Jezek USA 4:14.55 SILVER
Ann Jardin CAN 4:15.22 BRONZE
Wendy Hogg CAN 4:15.22 BRONZE
Robin Corsiglia CAN 4:15.22 BRONZE
Susan Sloan CAN 4:15.22 BRONZE

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