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1900 Summer Olympics
Paris, France
Track & Field

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Men Frank Jarvis USA 11.0 GOLD
Walter Tewksbury USA 11.1 SILVER
Stan Rowley AUS 11.2 BRONZE
200m Men Walter Tewksbury USA 22.2 GOLD
Norman Pritchard BIN 22.8 SILVER
Stan Rowley AUS 22.9 BRONZE
400m Men Maxey Long USA 49.4 GOLD
William Holland USA 49.6 SILVER
Ernst Schultz DEN n/a BRONZE
800m Men Alfred Tysoe GBR 2:01.2 GOLD
John Cregan USA 2:03.0 SILVER
Dave Hall USA n/a BRONZE
1500m Men Charles Bennett GBR 4:06.2 GOLD
Henri Deloge FRA 4:06.6 SILVER
John Bray USA 4:07.2 BRONZE
Marathon Men Michel Théato FRA 2:59:45 GOLD
Emile Champion FRA 3:04:17 SILVER
Ernst Fast SWE 3:37:14 BRONZE
110m Hurdles Men Alvin Kraenzlein USA 15.4 GOLD
John McLean USA 15.5 SILVER
Fred Moloney USA n/a BRONZE
400m Hurdles Men Walter Tewksbury USA 57.6 GOLD
Henri Tauzin FRA 58.3 SILVER
George Orton CAN n/a BRONZE
2500m Steeplechase Men George Orton CAN 7:34.4 GOLD
Sidney Robinson GBR 7:38.0 SILVER
Jacques Chastanié FRA n/a BRONZE
High Jump Men Irving Baxter USA 1.90 GOLD
Patrick Leahy GBR 1.78 SILVER
Lajos Gönczy HUN 1.75 BRONZE
Pole Vault Men Irving Baxter USA 3.30 GOLD
Meredith Colkett USA 3.25 SILVER
Flisa Andersen NOR 3.20 BRONZE
Long Jump Men Alvin Kraenzlein USA 7.185 GOLD
Meyer Prinstein USA 7.17 SILVER
Patrick Leahy GBR 6.95 BRONZE
Triple Jump Men Meyer Prinstein USA 14.47 GOLD
James Connolly USA 13.97 SILVER
Lewis Sheldon USA 13.64 BRONZE
Shot Put Men Richard Sheldon USA 14.10 GOLD
Josiah McCracken USA 12.85 SILVER
Bob Garrett USA 12.37 BRONZE
Discus Throw Men Rezsö Bauer HUN 36.04 GOLD
Frantisek Janda-Suk BOH 35.25 SILVER
Richard Sheldon USA 34.60 BRONZE
Hammer Throw Men John Flanagan USA 49.73 GOLD
Thomas Hare USA 49.13 SILVER
Josiah McCracken USA 42.46 BRONZE
60m Men Alvin Kraenzlein USA 7.0 GOLD
Walter Tewksbury USA 7.1 SILVER
Stan Rowley AUS 7.2 BRONZE
5000m Team Race Stan Rowley AUS 26 GOLD
John Rimmer GBR 26 GOLD
Sidney Robinson GBR 26 GOLD
Alfred Tysoe GBR 26 GOLD
Charles Bennett GBR 26 GOLD
Jacques Chastanié FRA 29 SILVER
André Castanet FRA 29 SILVER
Albert Champoudry FRA 29 SILVER
Henri Deloge FRA 29 SILVER
Gaston Ragueneau FRA 29 SILVER
200m Hurdles Men Alvin Kraenzlein USA 25.4 GOLD
Norman Pritchard BIN 26.6 SILVER
Walter Tewksbury USA n/a BRONZE
4000m Steeplechase Men John Rimmer GBR 12:58.4 GOLD
Charles Bennett GBR 12:58.6 SILVER
Sidney Robinson GBR 12:58.8 BRONZE
Standing High Jump Ray Ewry USA 1.65 GOLD
Irving Baxter USA 1.525 SILVER
Lewis Sheldon USA 1.50 BRONZE
Standing Long Jump Ray Ewry USA 3.21 GOLD
Irving Baxter USA 3.135 SILVER
Emile Torcheboeuf FRA 3.03 BRONZE
Standing Triple Jump Ray Ewry USA 10.58 GOLD
Irving Baxter USA 9.95 SILVER
Bob Garrett USA 9.50 BRONZE

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