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1900 Summer Olympics
Paris, France

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Henri Barrelet FRA 7:35.6 GOLD
André Gaudin FRA 7:41.6 SILVER
St. George Ashe GBR 8:15.6 BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men Françoise Brandt NED 7:34.2 GOLD
Hermanus Brockmann NED 7:34.2 GOLD
Roelof Klein NED 7:34.2 GOLD
Louis Martinet FRA 7:34.4 SILVER
Waleff FRA 7:34.4 SILVER
Erneste Védrenne FRA 7:57.2 BRONZE
Paoli FRA 7:57.2 BRONZE
Carlos Deltour FRA 7:57.2 BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men 1. Final Emile Delchambre FRA 7:11.0 GOLD
Henri Hazebroucq FRA 7:11.0 GOLD
Henri Bouckaert FRA 7:11.0 GOLD
Jean Cau FRA 7:11.0 GOLD
Charlot FRA 7:11.0 GOLD
Charles Perrin FRA 7:18.0 SILVER
Daniel Soubeyran FRA 7:18.0 SILVER
Georges Lumpp FRA 7:18.0 SILVER
Emile Wegelin FRA 7:18.0 SILVER
Julius Körner DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Hugo Rüster DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Adolf Möller DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Wilhelm Carstens DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Max Ammermann DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men 2. Final Carl Goßler DEU 5:59.0 GOLD
Gustav Goßler DEU 5:59.0 GOLD
Oscar Goßler DEU 5:59.0 GOLD
Walther Katzenstein DEU 5:59.0 GOLD
Waldemar Tietgens DEU 5:59.0 GOLD
Johannes Terwogt NED 6:33.0 SILVER
Gerhard Lotsy NED 6:33.0 SILVER
Paulus Lotsy NED 6:33.0 SILVER
Coenraad Hiebendaal NED 6:33.0 SILVER
Hermanus Brockmann NED 6:33.0 SILVER
Ernst Felle DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Otto Fickeisen DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Franz Kröwerath DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Carl Lehle DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Hermann Wilker DEU 7:18.2 BRONZE
Eights Men Roscoe Lockwood USA 6:09.8 GOLD
Edward Marsh USA 6:09.8 GOLD
John Geiger USA 6:09.8 GOLD
John Exley USA 6:09.8 GOLD
James Juvenal USA 6:09.8 GOLD
Edward Hedley USA 6:09.8 GOLD
Louis Abell USA 6:09.8 GOLD
William Carr USA 6:09.8 GOLD
Harry DeBaecke USA 6:09.8 GOLD
Jules De Bisschop BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Oscar DeCock BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Prospère Bruggeman BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Maurice Hemelsoet BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Oscar Charles de Somville BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Frank Odberg BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Marcel Lucien van Crombrugge BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Alfred Vanlandeghem BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Maurice Verdonck BEL 6:13.8 SILVER
Johannes van Dijk NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Henrikus Tromp NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Hendrik Offerhaus NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Walter Middelberg NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Walter Thijssen NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Ruud Leegstra NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Roelof Klein NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Hermanus Brockmann NED 6:23.0 BRONZE
Françoise Brandt NED 6:23.0 BRONZE

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