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1900 Summer Olympics
Paris, France

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Rapid Fire Pistol Maurice Larrouy FRA 58 GOLD
Léon Moreaux FRA 57 SILVER
Eugène Balme FRA 57 BRONZE
Free Pistol Conrad Röderer SUI 503 GOLD
Achille Paroche FRA 466 SILVER
Konrad Stäheli SUI 453 BRONZE
Trap Shooting Roger de Barbarin FRA 17 GOLD
René Guyot FRA 17 SILVER
Justinien Comte de Clary FRA 17 BRONZE
Moving Target Louis Debray FRA 20 GOLD
Pierre Nivet FRA 20 SILVER
Georges de Lambert FRA 19 BRONZE
Military Revolver Teams 50m Friedrich Lüthi SUI 2271 GOLD
Paul Probst SUI 2271 GOLD
Louis Richardet SUI 2271 GOLD
Konrad Stäheli SUI 2271 GOLD
Conrad Röderer SUI 2271 GOLD
Trinité FRA 2203 SILVER
Achille Paroche FRA 2203 SILVER
Léon Moreaux FRA 2203 SILVER
Louis Duffoy FRA 2203 SILVER
Maurice Lecoq FRA 2203 SILVER
Antonius Bouwens NED 1876 BRONZE
Solko van den Bergh NED 1876 BRONZE
Gerardus Van Laan NED 1876 BRONZE
Henrik Sillem NED 1876 BRONZE
Anthony Sweijs NED 1876 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle, 3 Positions Emil Kellenberger SUI 930 GOLD
Anders Nielsen DEN 921 SILVER
Ole Østmo NOR 917 BRONZE
Paul van Asbroeck BEL 917 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle, Standing Lars Jørg Madsen DEN 305 GOLD
Ole Østmo NOR 299 SILVER
Charles Paumier du Verger BEL 298 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle, Kneeling Konrad Stäheli SUI 324 GOLD
Anders Nielsen DEN 314 SILVER
Emil Kellenberger SUI 314 SILVER
Individual Military Rifle, Prone Achille Paroche FRA 332 GOLD
Anders Nielsen DEN 330 SILVER
Ole Østmo NOR 329 BRONZE
Military Rifle Teams Louis Richardet SUI 4399 GOLD
Emil Kellenberger SUI 4399 GOLD
Alfred Grütter SUI 4399 GOLD
Franz Böckli SUI 4399 GOLD
Konrad Stäheli SUI 4399 GOLD
Ole Sæther NOR 4290 SILVER
Tom Seeberg NOR 4290 SILVER
Olaf Frydenlund NOR 4290 SILVER
Helmer Hermandsen NOR 4290 SILVER
Ole Østmo NOR 4290 SILVER
Léon Moreaux FRA 4278 BRONZE
Achille Paroche FRA 4278 BRONZE
Maurice Lecoq FRA 4278 BRONZE
Auguste Cavadini FRA 4278 BRONZE
René Thomas FRA 4278 BRONZE

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