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1984 Summer Olympics
Los Angeles, United States

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
K1 500m Kayak Singles (Men) Ian Ferguson NZL 1:47.84 GOLD
Lars-Erik Moberg SWE 1:48.18 SILVER
Bernard Bregeon FRA 1:48.41 BRONZE
K1 1000m Kayak Singles (Men) Alan Thompson NZL 3:45.73 GOLD
Milan Janic YUG 3:46.88 SILVER
Greg Barton USA 3:47.38 BRONZE
K2 500m Kayak Pairs (Men) Ian Ferguson NZL 1:34.21 GOLD
Paul MacDonald NZL 1:34.21 GOLD
Lars-Erik Moberg SWE 1:35.26 SILVER
Per-Inge Bengtsson SWE 1:35.26 SILVER
Hugh Fisher CAN 1:35.41 BRONZE
Alwyn Morris CAN 1:35.41 BRONZE
K2 1000m Kayak Pairs (Men) Alwyn Morris CAN 3:24.22 GOLD
Hugh Fisher CAN 3:24.22 GOLD
Patrick Lefoulon FRA 3:25.97 SILVER
Bernard Bregeon FRA 3:25.97 SILVER
Barry Kelly AUS 3:26.80 BRONZE
Grant Kenny AUS 3:26.80 BRONZE
K4 1000m Kayak Fours (Men) Ian Ferguson NZL 3:02.28 GOLD
Grant Bramwell NZL 3:02.28 GOLD
Paul MacDonald NZL 3:02.28 GOLD
Alan Thompson NZL 3:02.28 GOLD
Tommy Karls SWE 3:02.81 SILVER
Lars-Erik Moberg SWE 3:02.81 SILVER
Thomas Ohlsson SWE 3:02.81 SILVER
Per-Inge Bengtsson SWE 3:02.81 SILVER
Philippe Boccara FRA 3:03.94 BRONZE
Pascal Boucherit FRA 3:03.94 BRONZE
François Barouh FRA 3:03.94 BRONZE
Didier Vavasseur FRA 3:03.94 BRONZE
C1 500m Canadian Singles (Men) Larry Cain CAN 1:57.01 GOLD
Henning Jakobsen DEN 1:58.45 SILVER
Costica Olaru ROM 1:59.86 BRONZE
C1 1000m Canadian Singles (Men) Ulrich Eicke FRG 4:06.32 GOLD
Larry Cain CAN 4:08.67 SILVER
Henning Jakobsen DEN 4:09.51 BRONZE
C2 500m Canadian Pairs (Men) Matija Ljubek YUG 1:43.67 GOLD
Mirko Nisovic YUG 1:43.67 GOLD
Ivan Patzaichin ROM 1:45.68 SILVER
Toma Simionov ROM 1:45.68 SILVER
Narcisco Suárez ESP 1:47.71 BRONZE
Enrique Miguez ESP 1:47.71 BRONZE
C2 1000m Canadian Pairs (Men) Ivan Patzaichin ROM 3:40.60 GOLD
Toma Simionov ROM 3:40.60 GOLD
Mirko Nisovic YUG 3:41.56 SILVER
Matija Ljubek YUG 3:41.56 SILVER
Didier Hoyer FRA 3:48.01 BRONZE
Eric Renaud FRA 3:48.01 BRONZE
K1 500m Kayak Singles (Women) Agneta Andersson SWE 1:58.72 GOLD
Barbara Schüttpelz FRG 1:59.93 SILVER
Annemiek Derckx NED 2:00.11 BRONZE
K2 500m Kayak Pairs (Women) Agneta Andersson SWE 1:45.25 GOLD
Anna Olsson SWE 1:45.25 GOLD
Alexandra Barré CAN 1:47.13 SILVER
Sue Holloway CAN 1:47.13 SILVER
Josefa Idem FRG 1:47.32 BRONZE
Barbara Schüttpelz FRG 1:47.32 BRONZE
K4 500m Kayak Fours (Women) Tecla Marinescu-Borcanca ROM 1:38.34 GOLD
Maria Stefan-Mihoreanu ROM 1:38.34 GOLD
Nastasia Ionescu ROM 1:38.34 GOLD
Agafia Constantin-Buhaev ROM 1:38.34 GOLD
Agneta Andersson SWE 1:38.87 SILVER
Susanne Gunnarsson-Wiberg SWE 1:38.87 SILVER
Eva Karlsson SWE 1:38.87 SILVER
Anna Olsson SWE 1:38.87 SILVER
Barbara Olmsted CAN 1:39.40 BRONZE
Lucie Guay CAN 1:39.40 BRONZE
Sue Holloway CAN 1:39.40 BRONZE
Alexandra Barré CAN 1:39.40 BRONZE

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