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1984 Summer Olympics
Los Angeles, United States

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Ambrose Gaines USA 49.80 GOLD
Mark Stockwell AUS 50.24 SILVER
Per Johansson SWE 50.31 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Men Michael Groß FRG 1:47.44 GOLD
Mike Heath USA 1:49.10 SILVER
Thomas Fahrner FRG 1:49.69 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men George DiCarlo USA 3:51.23 GOLD
John Mykkanen USA 3:51.49 SILVER
Justin Lemberg AUS 3:51.79 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Mike O'Brien USA 15:05.20 GOLD
George DiCarlo USA 15:10.59 SILVER
Stefan Pfeiffer FRG 15:12.11 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men Rick Carey USA 55.79 GOLD
David Wilson USA 56.35 SILVER
Michael West CAN 56.49 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Men Rick Carey USA 2:00.23 GOLD
Frédéric Delcourt FRA 2:01.75 SILVER
Cameron Henning CAN 2:02.37 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Men Steve Lundquist USA 1:01.65 GOLD
Victor Davis CAN 1:01.99 SILVER
Peter Evans AUS 1:02.97 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Victor Davis CAN 2:13.34 GOLD
Glenn Beringen AUS 2:15.79 SILVER
Etienne Dagon SUI 2:17.41 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Men Michael Groß FRG 53.08 GOLD
Pablo Morales USA 53.23 SILVER
Glenn Buchanan SUR BRONZE
200m Butterfly Men Jon Sieben AUS 1:57.04 GOLD
Michael Groß FRG 1:57.40 SILVER
Rafael Vidal VEN 1:57.51 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Men Alex Baumann CAN 2:01.42 GOLD
Pablo Morales USA 2:03.05 SILVER
Neil Cochran GBR 2:04.38 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Men Alex Baumann CAN 4:17.41 GOLD
Ricardo Prado BRA 4:18.45 SILVER
Robert Woodhouse AUS 4:20.50 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Men Matt Biondi USA 3:19.03 GOLD
Chris Cavanaugh USA 3:19.03 GOLD
Mike Heath USA 3:19.03 GOLD
Ambrose Gaines USA 3:19.03 GOLD
Gregory Fasala AUS 3:19.68 SILVER
Michael Delany AUS 3:19.68 SILVER
Neil Brooks AUS 3:19.68 SILVER
Mark Stockwell AUS 3:19.68 SILVER
Mikael Örn SWE 3:22.69 BRONZE
Bengt Baron SWE 3:22.69 BRONZE
Per Johansson SWE 3:22.69 BRONZE
Thomas Lejdström SWE 3:22.69 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men David Larsen USA 7:15.69 GOLD
Bruce Hayes USA 7:15.69 GOLD
Mike Heath USA 7:15.69 GOLD
Jeffrey Float USA 7:15.69 GOLD
Geoffrey Gaberino USA 7:15.69 GOLD
Thomas Fahrner FRG 7:15.73 SILVER
Michael Groß FRG 7:15.73 SILVER
Dirk Korthals FRG 7:15.73 SILVER
Alexander Schowtka FRG 7:15.73 SILVER
Paul Howe GBR 7:24.78 BRONZE
Neil Cochran GBR 7:24.78 BRONZE
Paul Easter GBR 7:24.78 BRONZE
Andrew Astbury GBR 7:24.78 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Men Rick Carey USA 3:39.30 GOLD
Ambrose Gaines USA 3:39.30 GOLD
Steve Lundquist USA 3:39.30 GOLD
Pablo Morales USA 3:39.30 GOLD
Michael West CAN 3:43.23 SILVER
Thomas Ponting CAN 3:43.23 SILVER
Sandy Goss CAN 3:43.23 SILVER
Victor Davis CAN 3:43.23 SILVER
Peter Evans AUS 3:43.25 BRONZE
Glenn Buchanan CAN BRONZE
Mark Kerry AUS 3:43.25 BRONZE
Mark Stockwell AUS 3:43.25 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Carrie Steinseifer USA 55.92 GOLD
Nancy Hogshead USA 55.92 GOLD
Annemarie Verstappen NED 56.08 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Women Mary Wayte USA 1:59.23 GOLD
Sippy Woodhead USA 1:59.50 SILVER
Annemarie Verstappen NED 1:59.69 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Tiffany Cohen USA 4:07.10 GOLD
Sarah Hardcastle GBR 4:10.27 SILVER
June Croft GBR 4:11.49 BRONZE
800m Freestyle Women Tiffany Cohen USA 8:24.95 GOLD
Michelle Richardson USA 8:30.73 SILVER
Sarah Hardcastle GBR 8:32.60 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Theresa Andrews USA 1:02.55 GOLD
Betsy Mitchell USA 1:02.63 SILVER
Jolanda de Rover NED 1:02.91 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Women Jolanda de Rover NED 2:12.38 GOLD
Amy White USA 2:13.04 SILVER
Anca Patrascoiu ROM 2:13.29 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Women Petra van Staveren NED 1:09.88 GOLD
Anne Ottenbrite CAN 1:10.69 SILVER
Catherine Poirot FRA 1:10.70 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Anne Ottenbrite CAN 2:30.38 GOLD
Susan Rapp USA 2:31.15 SILVER
Ingrid Lempereur BEL 2:31.40 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Women Mary T Meagher USA 0:59.26 GOLD
Jenna Johnson USA 1:00.19 SILVER
Karin Seick FRG 1:01.36 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Women Mary T Meagher USA 2:06.90 GOLD
Karen Phillips AUS 2:10.56 SILVER
Ina Beyermann FRG 2:11.91 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Women Tracey Caulkins USA 2:12.64 GOLD
Nancy Hogshead USA 2:15.17 SILVER
Michele Pearson AUS 2:15.92 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Women Tracey Caulkins USA 4:39.24 GOLD
Suzanne Landells AUS 4:48.30 SILVER
Petra Zindler FRG 4:48.57 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Carrie Steinseifer USA 3:43.43 GOLD
Dara Torres USA 3:43.43 GOLD
Nancy Hogshead USA 3:43.43 GOLD
Jenna Johnson USA 3:43.43 GOLD
Conny van Bentum NED 3:44.40 SILVER
Desi Reijers NED 3:44.40 SILVER
Annemarie Verstappen NED 3:44.40 SILVER
Elles Voskes NED 3:44.40 SILVER
Iris Zscherpe FRG 3:45.56 BRONZE
Susanne Schuster FRG 3:45.56 BRONZE
Karin Seick FRG 3:45.56 BRONZE
Christiane Pielke CAN BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Women Mary T Meagher USA 4:08.34 GOLD
Nancy Hogshead USA 4:08.34 GOLD
Tracey Caulkins USA 4:08.34 GOLD
Theresa Andrews USA 4:08.34 GOLD
Ina Beyermann FRG 4:11.97 SILVER
Ute Hasse FRG 4:11.97 SILVER
Karin Seick FRG 4:11.97 SILVER
Svenja Schlicht FRG 4:11.97 SILVER
Pamela Rai CAN 4:12.98 BRONZE
Michelle MacPherson CAN 4:12.98 BRONZE
Anne Ottenbrite CAN 4:12.98 BRONZE
Reema Abdo CAN 4:12.98 BRONZE

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