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1996 Summer Olympics
Atlanta, United States

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Xeno Müller SUI 6:44.85 GOLD
Derek Porter CAN 6:47.45 SILVER
Thomas Lange GER 6:47.72 BRONZE
Double Sculls Men Agostino Abbagnale ITA 6:16.98 GOLD
Davide Tizzano ITA 6:16.98 GOLD
Kjetil Undset NOR 6:18.42 SILVER
Steffen Størseth NOR 6:18.42 SILVER
Samuel Barathay FRA 6:19.85 BRONZE
Frederic Kowal FRA 6:19.85 BRONZE
Quadruple Sculls Men Andreas Hajek GER 5:56.93 GOLD
André Steiner GER 5:56.93 GOLD
Stephan Volkert GER 5:56.93 GOLD
André Willms GER 5:56.93 GOLD
Tim Young USA 5:59.10 SILVER
Eric Mueller USA 5:59.10 SILVER
Brian Jamieson USA 5:59.10 SILVER
Jason Gailes USA 5:59.10 SILVER
Duncan Free AUS 6:01.65 BRONZE
Janusz Hooker AUS 6:01.65 BRONZE
Bo Hanson AUS 6:01.65 BRONZE
Ron Snook AUS 6:01.65 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Men Matthew Pinsent GBR 6:20.09 GOLD
Steven Redgrave GBR 6:20.09 GOLD
Robert Scott AUS 6:21.02 SILVER
David Weightman AUS 6:21.02 SILVER
Jean-Christophe Rolland FRA 6:22.15 BRONZE
Michel Andrieux FRA 6:22.15 BRONZE
Coxless Fours Men Drew Ginn AUS 6:06.37 GOLD
Nicholas Green AUS 6:06.37 GOLD
Mike McKay AUS 6:06.37 GOLD
James Tomkins AUS 6:06.37 GOLD
Bertrand Vecten FRA 6:07.03 SILVER
Olivier Moncelet FRA 6:07.03 SILVER
Gilles Bosquet FRA 6:07.03 SILVER
Daniel Fauche FRA 6:07.03 SILVER
Timothy Foster GBR 6:07.28 BRONZE
Rupert Obholzer GBR 6:07.28 BRONZE
Greg Searle GBR 6:07.28 BRONZE
Jonathon Searle GBR 6:07.28 BRONZE
Eights Men Diederik Simon NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Niels van der Zwan NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Nico Rienks NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Koos Maasdijk NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Jeroen Duyster NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Ronald Florijn NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Michiel Bartman NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Henk-Jan Zwolle NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Niels van Steenis NED 5:42.74 GOLD
Marc Weber GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Roland Baar GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Detlef Kirchhoff GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Mark Kleinschmidt GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Wolfram Huhn GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Frank Richter GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Ulrich Viefers GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Thorsten Streppelhoff GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Peter Thiede GER 5:44.58 SILVER
Vladimir Volodenkov RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Dmitriy Rozinkevich RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Roman Monchenko RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Pavel Melnikov RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Sergey Matveyev RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Andrey Glukhov RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Aleksandr Lukyanov RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Nikolay Aksyonov RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Anton Chermashentsev RUS 5:45.77 BRONZE
Lightweight Double Sculls Men Markus Gier SUI 6:23.47 GOLD
Michael Gier SUI 6:23.47 GOLD
Pepijn Aardewijn NED 6:26.48 SILVER
Maarten van der Linden NED 6:26.48 SILVER
Anthony Edwards AUS 6:26.69 BRONZE
Bruce Hick AUS 6:26.69 BRONZE
Lightweight Coxless Fours Men Niels Henriksen DEN 6:09.58 GOLD
Victor Feddersen DEN 6:09.58 GOLD
Eskild Ebbesen DEN 6:09.58 GOLD
Thomas Poulsen DEN 6:09.58 GOLD
Brian Peaker CAN 6:10.13 SILVER
Dave Boyes CAN 6:10.13 SILVER
Gavin Hassett CAN 6:10.13 SILVER
Jeffrey Lay CAN 6:10.13 SILVER
David Collins USA 6:12.29 BRONZE
William Carlucci USA 6:12.29 BRONZE
Jeff Pfaendtner USA 6:12.29 BRONZE
Marc Schneider USA 6:12.29 BRONZE
Single Sculls Women Yekaterina Khodotovich BLR 7:32.21 GOLD
Silken Laumann CAN 7:35.15 SILVER
Trine Hansen DEN 7:37.20 BRONZE
Double Sculls Women Kathleen Heddle CAN 6:56.84 GOLD
Marnie McBean CAN 6:56.84 GOLD
Xiuyun Zhang CHN 6:58.35 SILVER
Mianying Cao CHN 6:58.35 SILVER
Irene Eijs NED 6:58.72 BRONZE
Eeke van Nes NED 6:58.72 BRONZE
Quadruple Sculls Women Jana Sorgers GER 6:27.44 GOLD
Katrin Rutschow-Stomporowski GER 6:27.44 GOLD
Kathrin Boron GER 6:27.44 GOLD
Kerstin Köppen GER 6:27.44 GOLD
Inna Frolova UKR 6:30.36 SILVER
Olena Ronzhina UKR 6:30.36 SILVER
Diana Miftakhutdinova UKR 6:30.36 SILVER
Svetlana Mazy UKR 6:30.36 SILVER
Marnie McBean CAN 6:30.38 BRONZE
Diane O’Grady CAN 6:30.38 BRONZE
Laryssa Biesenthal CAN 6:30.38 BRONZE
Kathleen Heddle CAN 6:30.38 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Women Megan Still AUS 7:01.39 GOLD
Kate Slatter AUS 7:01.39 GOLD
Missy Schwen USA 7:01.78 SILVER
Karen Kraft USA 7:01.78 SILVER
Christine Gosse FRA 7:03.82 BRONZE
Hélène Cortin FRA 7:03.82 BRONZE
Eights Women Liliana Gafencu ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Elena Georgescu ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Vera Cochelea ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Doina Ignat ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Elisabeta Lipa ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Anca Tanase ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Doina Spircu ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Marioara Popescu ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Ioana Olteanu ROM 6:19.73 GOLD
Jessica Monroe CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Heather McDermid CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Maria Maunder CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Emma Robinson CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Lesley Thompson CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Tosha Tsang CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Anna van der Kamp CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Theresa Luke CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Alison Korn CAN 6:24.05 SILVER
Natalya Lavrinenko BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Tamara Davydenko BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Marina Znak BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Natalya Volchek BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Natalya Stasyuk BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Valentina Skrabatun BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Yelena Mikulich BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Aleksandra Pankina BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Yaroslava Pavlovich BLR 6:24.44 BRONZE
Lightweight Double Sculls Women Constanta Burcica-Pipota ROM 7:12.78 GOLD
Camelia Macoviciuc ROM 7:12.78 GOLD
Lindsay Burns USA 7:14.65 SILVER
Teresa Bell USA 7:14.65 SILVER
Virginia Lee AUS 7:16.56 BRONZE
Rebecca Joyce AUS 7:16.56 BRONZE

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