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2004 Summer Olympics
Athens, Greece
Field Hockey

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Field Hockey Men Michael Brennan AUS GOLD
Travis Brooks AUS GOLD
Dean Butler AUS GOLD
Liam de Young AUS GOLD
Jamie Dwyer AUS GOLD
Nathan Eglington AUS GOLD
Troy Elder AUS GOLD
Bevan George AUS GOLD
Robert Hammond AUS GOLD
Mark Hickman AUS GOLD
Mark Knowles AUS GOLD
Brent Livermore AUS GOLD
Michael McCann AUS GOLD
Stephen Mowlam AUS GOLD
Grant Schubert AUS GOLD
Matthew Wells AUS GOLD
Klaas Veering NED SILVER
Guus Vogels NED SILVER
Taeke Taekema NED SILVER
Sander van der Weide NED SILVER
Jesse Mahieu NED SILVER
Rob Reckers NED SILVER
Karel Klaver NED SILVER
Floris Evers NED SILVER
Marten Eikelboom NED SILVER
Jeroen Delmee NED SILVER
Teun de Nooijer NED SILVER
Geert-Jan Derikx NED SILVER
Matthijs Brouwer NED SILVER
Ronald Brouwer NED SILVER
Philipp Crone GER BRONZE
Clemens Arnold GER BRONZE
Christoph Bechmann GER BRONZE
Sebastian Biederlack GER BRONZE
Christoph Eimer GER BRONZE
Björn Emmerling GER BRONZE
Florian Kunz GER BRONZE
Eike Duckwitz GER BRONZE
Sascha Reinelt GER BRONZE
Justus Scharowsky GER BRONZE
Björn Michel GER BRONZE
Christian Schulte GER BRONZE
Matthias Witthaus GER BRONZE
Christopher Zeller GER BRONZE
Tibor Weissenborn GER BRONZE
Field Hockey Women Julia Zwehl GER GOLD
Natascha Keller GER GOLD
Louisa Walter GER GOLD
Anke Kühn GER GOLD
Silke Müller GER GOLD
Fanny Rinne GER GOLD
Marion Rodewald GER GOLD
Mandy Haase GER GOLD
Franziska Gude GER GOLD
Badri Latif GER GOLD
Heike Lätzsch GER GOLD
Sonja Lehmann GER GOLD
Denise Klecker GER GOLD
Nadine Ernsting-Krienke GER GOLD
Tina Bachmann GER GOLD
Caroline Casaretto GER GOLD
Chantal de Bruijn NED SILVER
Minke Booij NED SILVER
Ageeth Boomgaardt NED SILVER
Mijntje Donners NED SILVER
Lisanne de Roever NED SILVER
Sylvia Karres NED SILVER
Maartje Scheepstra NED SILVER
Janneke Schopman NED SILVER
Fatima Moreira de Melo NED SILVER
Eefke Mulder NED SILVER
Clarinda Sinnige NED SILVER
Minke Smabers NED SILVER
Jiske Snoeks NED SILVER
Miek van Geenhuizen NED SILVER
Lieve van Kessel NED SILVER
Macha van der Vaart NED SILVER
Ayelen Stepnik ARG BRONZE
Paola Vukojicic ARG BRONZE
Mercedes Margalot ARG BRONZE
Vanina Oneto ARG BRONZE
Cecilia Rognoni ARG BRONZE
Marine Russo ARG BRONZE
Alejandra Gulla ARG BRONZE
Mariana Gonzalez ARG BRONZE
Maria de la Paz Hernandez ARG BRONZE
Marina di Giacomo ARG BRONZE
Agustina Garcia ARG BRONZE
Ines Arrondo ARG BRONZE
Luciana Aymar ARG BRONZE
Magadalena Aicega ARG BRONZE
Mariela Antoniska ARG BRONZE
Claudia Burkart ARG BRONZE

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