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1904 Summer Olympics
St. Louis, United States
Track & Field

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Men Archie Hahn USA 11.0 GOLD
Nate Cartmell USA 11.2 SILVER
Bill Hogenson USA 11.2 BRONZE
200m Men Archie Hahn USA 21.6 GOLD
Nate Cartmell USA 21.9 SILVER
Bill Hogenson USA dna. BRONZE
400m Men Harry Hillman USA 49.2 GOLD
Frank Waller USA 49.9 SILVER
Herman Groman USA 50.0 BRONZE
800m Men James Lightbody USA 1:56.0 GOLD
Howard Valentine USA 1:56.3 SILVER
Emil Breitkreutz USA 1:56.4 BRONZE
1500m Men James Lightbody USA 4:05.4 GOLD
William Verner USA 4:06.8 SILVER
Lacey Hearn USA n/a BRONZE
Marathon Men Thomas Hicks USA 3:28:53 GOLD
Albert Coray USA 3:34:52 SILVER
Arthur Newton USA 3:47:33 BRONZE
110m Hurdles Men Frederick Schule USA 16.0 GOLD
Thaddeus Shideler USA 16.3 SILVER
Lesley Ashburner USA 16.4 BRONZE
400m Hurdles Men Harry Hillman USA 53.0 GOLD
Frank Waller USA 53.2 SILVER
George Poage USA n/a BRONZE
3000m Steeplechase Men James Lightbody USA 7:39.6 GOLD
John Daly GBR 7:40.6 SILVER
Arthur Newton USA n/a BRONZE
High Jump Men Sam Jones USA 1.80 GOLD
Garrett Serviss USA 1.78 SILVER
Paul Weinstein DEU 1.78 BRONZE
Pole Vault Men Charles Dvorak USA 3.50 GOLD
Leroy Samse USA 3.43 SILVER
Louis Wilkins USA 3.43 BRONZE
Long Jump Men Meyer Prinstein USA 7.34 GOLD
Daniel Frank USA 6.89 SILVER
Robert Stangland USA 6.88 BRONZE
Triple Jump Men Meyer Prinstein USA 14.325 GOLD
Fred Englehardt USA 13.90 SILVER
Robert Stangland USA 13.365 BRONZE
Shot Put Men Ralph Rose USA 14.81 GOLD
Wesley Coe USA 14.40 SILVER
Leon Feuerbach USA 13.37 BRONZE
Discus Throw Men Martin Sheridan USA 39.28 GOLD
Ralph Rose USA 39.28 SILVER
Nicolaos Georgantas GRE 37.68 BRONZE
Hammer Throw Men John Flanagan USA 51.23 GOLD
John DeWitt USA 50.265 SILVER
Ralph Rose USA 45.73 BRONZE
Decathlon Men Tom Kiely GBR 6036 GOLD
Adam Gunn USA 5907 SILVER
Thomas Hare USA 5813 BRONZE
60m Men Archie Hahn USA 7.0 GOLD
Bill Hogenson USA 7.2 SILVER
Fay Moulton USA 7.2 BRONZE
4-Mile Team Race David Munson USA 27 GOLD
Arthur Newton USA 27 GOLD
Paul Pilgrim USA 27 GOLD
George Underwood USA 27 GOLD
Howard Valentine USA 27 GOLD
James Lightbody INT 28 SILVER
Sidney Hatch INT 28 SILVER
Lacey Hearn INT 28 SILVER
Albert Coray INT 28 SILVER
William Verner INT 28 SILVER
200m Hurdles Men Harry Hillman USA 24.6 GOLD
Frank Castleman USA 24.9 SILVER
George Poage USA n/a BRONZE
Standing High Jump Ray Ewry USA 1.60 GOLD
Joseph Stadler USA 1.45 SILVER
Lawson Robertson USA 1.45 BRONZE
Standing Long Jump Ray Ewry USA 3.48 GOLD
Charles King USA 3.28 SILVER
John Biller USA 3.26 BRONZE
Standing Triple Jump Ray Ewry USA 10.54 GOLD
Charles King USA 10.16 SILVER
Joseph Stadler USA 9.60 BRONZE
56-Pound Weight Throw Étienne Desmarteau CAN 10.46 GOLD
John Flanagan USA 10.16 SILVER
James Mitchel USA 10.13 BRONZE
Triathlon Max Emmerich USA 35.7 GOLD
John Grieb USA 34.00 SILVER
William Merz USA 33.90 BRONZE

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