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1904 Summer Olympics
St. Louis, United States

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Horizontal Bar Anton Heida USA 40.0 GOLD
Edward Hennig USA 40.0 GOLD
George Eyser USA 39 BRONZE
Parallel Bars George Eyser USA 44 GOLD
Anton Heida USA 43 SILVER
John Duha USA 40 BRONZE
Long Horse Vault George Eyser USA 36 GOLD
Anton Heida USA 36 GOLD
William Merz USA 31 BRONZE
Pommeled Horse Anton Heida USA 42 GOLD
George Eyser USA 33 SILVER
William Merz USA 29 BRONZE
Rings Herman Glass USA 45 GOLD
William Merz USA 35 SILVER
Emil Voigt USA 32 BRONZE
Team Combined Exercises Ernst Reckeweg USA 374.43 GOLD
Max Hess USA 374.43 GOLD
Philipp Kassel USA 374.43 GOLD
Julius Lenhart USA 374.43 GOLD
John Grieb USA 374.43 GOLD
Anton Heida USA 374.43 GOLD
Emil Beyer USA 356.37 SILVER
John Bissinger USA 356.37 SILVER
Arthur Rosenkampff USA 356.37 SILVER
Julian Schmitz USA 356.37 SILVER
Otto Steffen USA 356.37 SILVER
Max Wolf USA 356.37 SILVER
Philipp Schuster USA 349.69 BRONZE
Edward Siegler USA 349.69 BRONZE
George Mayer USA 349.69 BRONZE
Robert Maysack USA 349.69 BRONZE
Charles Krause USA 349.69 BRONZE
John Duha USA 349.69 BRONZE
All-around, Individual Men Julius Lenhart USA 69.80 GOLD
Wilhelm Weber DEU 69.10 SILVER
Adolf Spinnler SUI 67.99 BRONZE
Combined Competition (4 events) Anton Heida USA 161 GOLD
George Eyser USA 152 SILVER
William Merz USA 135 BRONZE
Combined Competition (3 events) Adolf Spinnler SUI 43.49 GOLD
Julius Lenhart USA 43.00 SILVER
Wilhelm Weber DEU 41.60 BRONZE
Rope climbing George Eyser USA 7.0 GOLD
Charles Krause USA 7.8 SILVER
Emil Voigt USA 9.8 BRONZE
Club Swinging Edward Hennig USA 13.0 GOLD
Emil Voigt USA 9.0 SILVER
Ralph Wilson USA 5.0 BRONZE

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