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1968 Winter Olympics
Grenoble, France
Nordic Skiing

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
15km Cross-country Men Harald Grønningen NOR 47:54.2 GOLD
Eero Mäntyranta FIN 47:56.1 SILVER
Gunnar Larsson SWE 48:33.7 BRONZE
30km Cross-country Men Franco Nones ITA 1:35:39.2 GOLD
Odd Martinsen NOR 1:36:28.9 SILVER
Eero Mäntyranta FIN 1:36:55.3 BRONZE
50km Cross-country Men Olle Ellefsæter NOR 2:28:45.8 GOLD
Vyacheslav Vedenin URS 2:29:02.5 SILVER
Josef Haas SUI 2:29:14.8 BRONZE
4x10km Relay Men Harald Grønningen NOR 2:08:33.5 GOLD
Olle Ellefsæter NOR 2:08:33.5 GOLD
Odd Martinsen NOR 2:08:33.5 GOLD
Pål Tyldum NOR 2:08:33.5 GOLD
Assar Rönnlund SWE 2:10:13.2 SILVER
Gunnar Larsson SWE 2:10:13.2 SILVER
Bjarne Andersson SWE 2:10:13.2 SILVER
Jan Halvarsson SWE 2:10:13.2 SILVER
Kalevi Laurila FIN 2:10:56.7 BRONZE
Kalevi Okairainen FIN 2:10:56.7 BRONZE
Eero Mäntyranta FIN 2:10:56.7 BRONZE
Hannu Taipale FIN 2:10:56.7 BRONZE
Ski Jump 70m Jirí Raska CZE 216.5 GOLD
Reinhold Bachler AUT 214.2 SILVER
Baldur Preiml AUT 212.6 BRONZE
Ski Jump 90m Vladimir Belousov URS 231.3 GOLD
Jirí Raska CZE 229.4 SILVER
Lars Grini NOR 214.3 BRONZE
Nordic Combined Franz Keller FRG 449.04 GOLD
Alois Kälin SUI 447.99 SILVER
Andreas Kunz GDR 444.10 BRONZE
5km Cross-Country Women Toini Gustafsson SWE 16:45.2 GOLD
Galina Kulakova URS 16:48.4 SILVER
Alevtina Kolchina URS 16:51.6 BRONZE
10km Cross-Country Women Toini Gustafsson SWE 36:46.5 GOLD
Berit Lammedal-Mørdre NOR 37:54.6 SILVER
Inger Aufles NOR 37:59.9 BRONZE
3x5km Cross Country Relay Women Inger Aufles NOR 57:30.0 GOLD
Babben Enger-Damon NOR 57:30.0 GOLD
Berit Lammedal-Mørdre NOR 57:30.0 GOLD
Barbro Martinsson SWE 57:51.0 SILVER
Toini Gustafsson SWE 57:51.0 SILVER
Britt Strandberg SWE 57:51.0 SILVER
Alevtina Kolchina URS 58:13.6 BRONZE
Rita Achkina URS 58:13.6 BRONZE
Galina Kulakova URS 58:13.6 BRONZE

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