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1906 Summer Olympics
Athens, Greece

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Team Combined Exercises Flisa Andersen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Oskar Bye NOR 19.00 GOLD
Conrad Carlsrud NOR 19.00 GOLD
Osvald Falch NOR 19.00 GOLD
Khristian Fjerdingen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Yngvar Fredriksen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Karl Haagensen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Andreas Hagelund NOR 19.00 GOLD
Harald Halvorsen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Petter Hol NOR 19.00 GOLD
Eugen Ingebretsen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Mathias Jespersen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Harald Eriksen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Finn Münster NOR 19.00 GOLD
Frithjof Olsen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Carl Alfred Pedersen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Thorleif Petersen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Rasmus Pettersen NOR 19.00 GOLD
Thorleif Rĝhn NOR 19.00 GOLD
Johan Stumpf NOR 19.00 GOLD
Marius Thuesen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Kaj Gnudtzmann DEN 18.00 SILVER
Marius Skram-Jensen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Viktor Rasmussen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Hans Pedersen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Oluf Pedersen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Niels Petersen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Oluf Olsson DEN 18.00 SILVER
Erik Klem DEN 18.00 SILVER
Harald Klem DEN 18.00 SILVER
Louis Larsen DEN 18.00 SILVER
J Lorentzen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Robert Madsen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Carl Manicus-Hansen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Knud Holm DEN 18.00 SILVER
Halvor Birch DEN 18.00 SILVER
Peder Bukdahl DEN 18.00 SILVER
Carl Andersen DEN 18.00 SILVER
Federico Bertinotti KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Ciro Civinini KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Raffaello Giannoni KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Azeglio Innocenti KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Filiberto Innocenti KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Maurizio Masetti KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Vitaliano Masotti KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Quintilio Mazzoncini KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Manlio Pastorini KIT 16.71 BRONZE
Spartaco Nerozzi KIT 16.71 BRONZE
5 Events, Individual Men Pierre Payssé FRA 97 GOLD
Alberto Braglia KIT 95 SILVER
Georges Charmoille FRA 94 BRONZE
6 Events, Individual Men Pierre Payssé FRA 116 GOLD
Alberto Braglia KIT 115 SILVER
Georges Charmoille FRA 113 BRONZE
Rope climbing Georgios Aliprantis GRE 11.4 GOLD
Béla Erġdy HUN 13.8 SILVER
Konstantinos Kozanitas GRE 13.8 BRONZE

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