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1906 Summer Olympics
Athens, Greece

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Gaston Delaplane FRA 5:53.4 GOLD
Joseph Larran FRA 6:07.2 SILVER
Coxed Fours Men Emilio Fontanella KIT 8:13.0 GOLD
Enrico Bruna KIT 8:13.0 GOLD
Giorgio Cesana KIT 8:13.0 GOLD
Giuseppe Poli KIT 8:13.0 GOLD
Riccardo Zardinoni KIT 8:13.0 GOLD
Paul Echard FRA n/a SILVER
Marcel Frébourg FRA n/a SILVER
Gaston Delaplane FRA n/a SILVER
Léon Delignières FRA n/a SILVER
Charles Delaporte FRA n/a SILVER
Adolphe Bernard FRA n/a BRONZE
Jean-Baptiste Mathieu FRA n/a BRONZE
Joseph Halcet FRA n/a BRONZE
Jean-Baptiste Laporte FRA n/a BRONZE
Pierre Sourbé FRA n/a BRONZE
7-Man Naval Rowing Boats Giuseppe Russo KIT 10:45.0 GOLD
Giovanni Battista Tanio KIT 10:45.0 GOLD
R Taormina KIT 10:45.0 GOLD
G Tarantino KIT 10:45.0 GOLD
P Toio KIT 10:45.0 GOLD
E Bellotti KIT 10:45.0 GOLD
Angelo Formaciari KIT 10:45.0 GOLD
D Balourdos GRE n/a SILVER
N Dekavalas GRE n/a SILVER
P Kipraios GRE n/a SILVER
N Karsouvas GRE n/a SILVER
K Misonginis GRE n/a SILVER
S Vessalas GRE n/a SILVER
D Souranis GRE n/a BRONZE
G Maroulis GRE n/a BRONZE
P Mexis GRE n/a BRONZE
N Photinakis GRE n/a BRONZE
P Lomvardos GRE n/a BRONZE
Dionysius Khristeas GRE n/a BRONZE
D Grous GRE n/a BRONZE
17-Man Naval Rowing Boats Paulos Karnagiozis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Ioannis Kaisarevs GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Demetrious Kakousis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Ioannis Laphiotis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Konstantinos Kephalas GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Ioannis Loukas GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Mikhail Mouratis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Ioannis Agrimis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Ioannis Georgas GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Andreas Drivas GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Demetrious Piaditis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Isidoros Mikhas GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Ioannis Pilouris GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Khristos Tsirigotakis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Petros Velliotis GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Argos Milonas GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Mikhail Sokos GRE 16:35.0 GOLD
Ioannis Tsirakis GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Xenophon Stellas GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Nikolaos Steryiou GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Petros Pterneas GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Ioannis Milakas GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Ioannis Papapanayiotou GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Konstantinos Papayiannoulis GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Ioannis Phasilis GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Samatios Diomataras GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Ioannis Dolas GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Georgios Nikoloutsos GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Konstantinos Niotis GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
S Lemonis GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Evangelos Khalderos GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Mikhail Katsoulis GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Evangelos Kanakaris GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Ioannis Gripaios GRE 17:09.6 SILVER
Antonio Mautrere KIT n/a BRONZE
F Mennella KIT n/a BRONZE
S Messina KIT n/a BRONZE
Alp. Nordio KIT n/a BRONZE
P Oddone KIT n/a BRONZE
Ezio Germignani KIT n/a BRONZE
Augusto Graffigna KIT n/a BRONZE
L Frediani KIT n/a BRONZE
Angelo Buoni KIT n/a BRONZE
G Cingottu KIT n/a BRONZE
F Pieraccini KIT n/a BRONZE
Sebastiano Randazzo KIT n/a BRONZE
E Rossi KIT n/a BRONZE
Alberto Ruggia KIT n/a BRONZE
G Pizzo KIT n/a BRONZE
G Zannino KIT n/a BRONZE
Angelo Santini KIT n/a BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men 1000m Enrico Bruna KIT 4:23.0 GOLD
Giorgio Cesana KIT 4:23.0 GOLD
Emilio Fontanella KIT 4:23.0 GOLD
Luigi Diana KIT 4:30.0 SILVER
Emilio Cesarana KIT 4:30.0 SILVER
Francesco Civera KIT 4:30.0 SILVER
Charles Delaporte FRA n/a BRONZE
Gaston Delaplane FRA n/a BRONZE
Marcel Frébourg FRA n/a BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men 1609m Emilio Fontanella KIT 7:32.4 GOLD
Enrico Bruna KIT 7:32.4 GOLD
Giorgio Cesana KIT 7:32.4 GOLD
Max Orban BEL 8:00.0 SILVER
Rémy Orban BEL 8:00.0 SILVER
Theop. Psiliakos GRE 8:00.0 SILVER
Jean-Baptiste Mathieu FRA n/a BRONZE
Joseph Halcet FRA n/a BRONZE
Adolphe Bernard FRA n/a BRONZE

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