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1984 Winter Olympics
Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (until 1988)
Nordic Skiing

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
15km Cross-country Men Gunde Svan SWE 41:25.6 GOLD
Aki Karvonen FIN 41:34.9 SILVER
30km Cross-country Men Nikolay Zimyatov URS 1:28:56.3 GOLD
Aleksandr Zavyalov URS 1:29:23.3 SILVER
Gunde Svan SWE 1:29:35.7 BRONZE
50km Cross-country Men Thomas Wassberg SWE 2:15:55.8 GOLD
Gunde Svan SWE 2:16:00.7 SILVER
Aki Karvonen FIN 2:17:04.7 BRONZE
4x10km Relay Men Benny Kohlberg SWE 1:55:06.3 GOLD
Gunde Svan SWE 1:55:06.3 GOLD
Jan Bo Ottosson SWE 1:55:06.3 GOLD
Thomas Wassberg SWE 1:55:06.3 GOLD
Aleksandr Zavyalov URS 1:55:16.5 SILVER
Nikolay Zimyatov URS 1:55:16.5 SILVER
Vladimir Nikitin URS 1:55:16.5 SILVER
Aleksandr Batyuk URS 1:55:16.5 SILVER
Juha Mieto FIN 1:56:31.4 BRONZE
Aki Karvonen FIN 1:56:31.4 BRONZE
Kari Ristanen FIN 1:56:31.4 BRONZE
Ski Jump 70m Jens Weißflog GDR 215.2 GOLD
Matti Nykänen FIN 214.0 SILVER
Jari Puikkonen FIN 212.8 BRONZE
Ski Jump 90m Matti Nykänen FIN 231.2 GOLD
Jens Weißflog GDR 213.7 SILVER
Pavel Ploc CZE 202.9 BRONZE
Nordic Combined Tom Sandberg NOR 422.595 GOLD
Jouko Karjalainen FIN 416.900 SILVER
Jukka Ylipulli FIN 410.825 BRONZE
5km Cross-Country Women Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi-Hämäläinen FIN 17:04.0 GOLD
Berit Aunli NOR 17:14.1 SILVER
Kvetoslava Jeriová CZE 17:18.3 BRONZE
10km Cross-Country Women Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi-Hämäläinen FIN 31:44.2 GOLD
Raïsa Smetanina URS 32:02.9 SILVER
Britt Pettersen NOR 32:12.7 BRONZE
20km Cross-Country Women Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi-Hämäläinen FIN 1:01:45.0 GOLD
Raïsa Smetanina URS 1:02:26.7 SILVER
Anne Jahren NOR 1:03:13.6 BRONZE
4x5km Cross Country Relay Women Anne Jahren NOR 1:06:49.7 GOLD
Berit Aunli NOR 1:06:49.7 GOLD
Britt Pettersen NOR 1:06:49.7 GOLD
Inger Nybråten NOR 1:06:49.7 GOLD
Blanka Pauli CZE 1:07:34.7 SILVER
Gabriela Svobodová CZE 1:07:34.7 SILVER
Dagmar Svubová CZE 1:07:34.7 SILVER
Kvetoslava Jeriová CZE 1:07:34.7 SILVER
Eija Hyytiäinen FIN 1:07:36.7 BRONZE
Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi-Hämäläinen FIN 1:07:36.7 BRONZE
Pirkko Määttä FIN 1:07:36.7 BRONZE
Marjo Matikainen FIN 1:07:36.7 BRONZE

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