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1992 Winter Olympics
Albertville, France
Nordic Skiing

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
10km Cross-country Men Vegard Ulvang NOR 27:36.0 GOLD
Marco Albarello ITA 27:55.2 SILVER
Christer Majbåck SWE 27:56.4 BRONZE
15km Cross-country Combined Men Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 1:05:37.9 GOLD
Vegard Ulvang NOR 1:06:31.3 SILVER
Giorgio Vanzetta ITA 1:06:32.2 BRONZE
30km Cross-country Men (Classical) Vegard Ulvang NOR 1:22:27.8 GOLD
Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 1:23:14.0 SILVER
Terje Langli NOR 1:23:42.5 BRONZE
50km Cross-country Men (Freestyle) Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 2:03:41.5 GOLD
Maurilio de Zolt ITA 2:04:39.1 SILVER
Giorgio Vanzetta ITA 2:06:42.1 BRONZE
4x10km Relay Men Kristen Skjeldal NOR 1:39:26.0 GOLD
Vegard Ulvang NOR 1:39:26.0 GOLD
Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 1:39:26.0 GOLD
Terje Langli NOR 1:39:26.0 GOLD
Marco Albarello ITA 1:40:52.7 SILVER
Silvio Fauner ITA 1:40:52.7 SILVER
Giuseppe Pulie ITA 1:40:52.7 SILVER
Giorgio Vanzetta ITA 1:40:52.7 SILVER
Mika Kuusisto FIN 1:41:22.9 BRONZE
Ski Jump 90m Ernst Vettori AUT 222.8 GOLD
Martin Höllwarth AUT 218.1 SILVER
Toni Nieminen FIN 217.0 BRONZE
Ski Jump 120m Toni Nieminen FIN 239.5 GOLD
Martin Höllwarth AUT 227.3 SILVER
Heinz Kuttin AUT 214.8 BRONZE
Ski Jumping Team Risto Laakkonen FIN 644.4 GOLD
Mika Laitinen FIN 644.4 GOLD
Toni Nieminen FIN 644.4 GOLD
Ari-Pekka Nikkola FIN 644.4 GOLD
Heinz Kuttin AUT 642.9 SILVER
Martin Höllwarth AUT 642.9 SILVER
Andreas Felder AUT 642.9 SILVER
Ernst Vettori AUT 642.9 SILVER
Jaroslav Sakala CZR 620.1 BRONZE
Jirí Parma CZR 620.1 BRONZE
Tomás Goder CZR 620.1 BRONZE
Frantisek Jez CZR 620.1 BRONZE
Nordic Combined, Individual Fabrice Guy FRA 0 GOLD
Sylvain Guillaume FRA -0:48.4 SILVER
Klaus Sulzenbacher AUT -1:06.3 BRONZE
Nordic Combined, Team Kenji Ogiwara JPN 0 GOLD
Reiichi Mikato JPN 0 GOLD
Takanori Kono JPN 0 GOLD
Trond Einar Elden NOR -1:26.4 SILVER
Knut Apeland NOR -1:26.4 SILVER
Stefan Kreiner AUT -1:40.1 BRONZE
Klaus Ofner AUT -1:40.1 BRONZE
Klaus Sulzenbacher AUT -1:40.1 BRONZE
5km Cross-Country Women (Classical) Marjut Lukkarinen FIN 14:13.8 GOLD
Lyubov Yegorova URS 14:14.7 SILVER
Yelena Välbe URS 14:22.7 BRONZE
Combined Pursuit Women Lyubov Yegorova URS 40:07.7 GOLD
Stefania Belmondo ITA 40:31.8 SILVER
Yelena Välbe URS 40:51.7 BRONZE
15km Cross-Country Classical Women Lyubov Yegorova URS 42:20.8 GOLD
Marjut Lukkarinen FIN 43:29.9 SILVER
Yelena Välbe URS 43:42.3 BRONZE
30km Cross-Country Freestyle Women Stefania Belmondo ITA 1:22:30.1 GOLD
Lyubov Yegorova URS 1:22:52.0 SILVER
Yelena Välbe URS 1:24:13.9 BRONZE
4x5km Cross Country Relay Women Yelena Välbe URS 0:59:34.8 GOLD
Lyubov Yegorova URS 0:59:34.8 GOLD
Raïsa Smetanina URS 0:59:34.8 GOLD
Larissa Lasutina URS 0:59:34.8 GOLD
Elin Nilsen NOR 0:59:56.4 SILVER
Inger Nybråten NOR 0:59:56.4 SILVER
Trude Dybendahl NOR 0:59:56.4 SILVER
Solveig Pedersen NOR 0:59:56.4 SILVER
Manuela di Centa ITA 1:00:25.9 BRONZE
Stefania Belmondo ITA 1:00:25.9 BRONZE

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