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1994 Winter Olympics
Lillehammer, Norway

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
10km Biathlon Men Sergey Chepikov RUS 28:07.0 GOLD
Ricco Groß GER 28:13.0 SILVER
Sergej Tarasov RUS 28:27.4 BRONZE
20km Biathlon Men Sergej Tarasov RUS 57:25.3 GOLD
Frank Luck GER 57:28.7 SILVER
Sven Fischer GER 57:41.9 BRONZE
4x7½km Biathlon Relay Men Sven Fischer GER 1:30:22.1 GOLD
Frank Luck GER 1:30:22.1 GOLD
Ricco Groß GER 1:30:22.1 GOLD
Mark Kirchner GER 1:30:22.1 GOLD
Valery Kiriyenko RUS 1:31:23.6 SILVER
Sergej Tarasov RUS 1:31:23.6 SILVER
Vladimir Dratshev RUS 1:31:23.6 SILVER
Sergey Chepikov RUS 1:31:23.6 SILVER
Patrice Bailly-Salins FRA 1:32:31.3 BRONZE
Thierry Dusserre FRA 1:32:31.3 BRONZE
Hervé Flandin FRA 1:32:31.3 BRONZE
Lionel Laurent FRA 1:32:31.3 BRONZE
7½km Biathlon Women Miriam Bédard CAN 26:08.8 GOLD
Svetlana Paramygina BLR 26:09.9 SILVER
Valentyna Tserbe UKR 26:10.0 BRONZE
15km Biathlon Women Miriam Bédard CAN 52:06.6 GOLD
Anne Briand FRA 52:53.2 SILVER
Uschi Disl GER 53:15.3 BRONZE
4x7½km Biathlon Relay Women Anfisa Reztsova RUS 1:47:19.5 GOLD
Natalja Snytina RUS 1:47:19.5 GOLD
Nadejda Talanova RUS 1:47:19.5 GOLD
Louisa Noskova RUS 1:47:19.5 GOLD
Antje Misersky GER 1:51:16.5 SILVER
Uschi Disl GER 1:51:16.5 SILVER
Simone Greiner-Petter-Memm GER 1:51:16.5 SILVER
Petra Behle-Schaaf GER 1:51:16.5 SILVER
Anne Briand FRA 1:52:28.3 BRONZE
Véronique Claudel FRA 1:52:28.3 BRONZE
Corinne Niogret FRA 1:52:28.3 BRONZE
Delphyne Heymann FRA 1:52:28.3 BRONZE

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