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1998 Winter Olympics
Nagano, Japan
Nordic Skiing

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
10km Cross-country Classical Men Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 27:24.5 GOLD
Markus Gandler AUT 27:32.5 SILVER
Mika Myllylä FIN 27:40.1 BRONZE
15km Cross-country Pursuit Men Thomas Alsgård NOR 1:07:01.7 GOLD
Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 1:07:02.8 SILVER
Vladimir Smirnov KAZ 1:07:31.5 BRONZE
30km Cross-country Classical Men Mika Myllylä FIN 1:33.56 GOLD
Erling Jevne NOR 1:35.27 SILVER
Silvio Fauner ITA 1:36.08 BRONZE
50km Cross-country Freestyle Men Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 2:05:08.2 GOLD
Niklas Jonsson SWE 2:05:16.3 SILVER
Christian Hoffmann AUT 2:06:01.8 BRONZE
4x10km Cross-country Relay Men Erling Jevne NOR 1:40:55.7 GOLD
Sture Sivertsen NOR 1:40:55.7 GOLD
Bjørn Dæhlie NOR 1:40:55.7 GOLD
Thomas Alsgård NOR 1:40:55.7 GOLD
Silvio Fauner ITA 1:40:55.9 SILVER
Marco Albarello ITA 1:40:55.9 SILVER
Fabio Maj ITA 1:40:55.9 SILVER
Fulvio Valbusa ITA 1:40:55.9 SILVER
Mika Myllylä FIN 1:42:15.5 BRONZE
Jari Isometsä FIN 1:42:15.5 BRONZE
Sami Repo FIN 1:42:15.5 BRONZE
Harri Kirvesniemi FIN 1:42:15.5 BRONZE
Ski Jump 90m Jani Soininen FIN 234.5 GOLD
Kazuyoshi Funaki JPN 233.5 SILVER
Andreas Widhölzl AUT 232.5 BRONZE
Ski Jump 120m Kazuyoshi Funaki JPN 272.3 GOLD
Jani Soininen FIN 260.8 SILVER
Masahiko Harada JPN 258.3 BRONZE
Ski Jumping Team Masahiko Harada JPN 933.0 GOLD
Kazuyoshi Funaki JPN 933.0 GOLD
Hiroya Saito JPN 933.0 GOLD
Takanobu Okabe JPN 933.0 GOLD
Martin Schmitt GER 897.4 SILVER
Hansjörg Jäkle GER 897.4 SILVER
Sven Hannawald GER 897.4 SILVER
Dieter Thoma GER 897.4 SILVER
Andreas Widhölzl AUT 881.5 BRONZE
Martin Höllwarth AUT 881.5 BRONZE
Stefan Horngacher AUT 881.5 BRONZE
Reinhard Schwarzenberger AUT 881.5 BRONZE
Nordic Combined, Individual Bjarte Engen Vik NOR 0 GOLD
Samppa Lajunen FIN -0:27.5 SILVER
Valerij Stoljarov RUS -0:28.2 BRONZE
Nordic Combined, Team Halldor Skard NOR 0 GOLD
Fred Børre Lundberg NOR 0 GOLD
Kenneth Bråten NOR 0 GOLD
Bjarte Engen Vik NOR 0 GOLD
Tapio Nurmela FIN -1:18.9 SILVER
Samppa Lajunen FIN -1:18.9 SILVER
Hannu Manninen FIN -1:18.9 SILVER
Jari Mantila FIN -1:18.9 SILVER
Ludovic Roux FRA -1:41.9 BRONZE
Sylvain Guillaume FRA -1:41.9 BRONZE
Fabrice Guy FRA -1:41.9 BRONZE
Nicolas Bal FRA -1:41.9 BRONZE
5km Cross-country Classical Women Larissa Lasutina RUS 17:39.9 GOLD
Katerina Neumannová CZR 17:42.7 SILVER
Bente Skari-Martinsen NOR 17:49.4 BRONZE
10km Cross-country Pursuit Women Larissa Lasutina RUS 46:06.9 GOLD
Olga Danilova RUS 46:13.4 SILVER
Katerina Neumannová CZR 46:14.2 BRONZE
15km Cross-country Classical Women Olga Danilova RUS 46:55.40 GOLD
Larissa Lasutina RUS 47:01.00 SILVER
Anita Moen NOR 47:52.60 BRONZE
30km Cross-country Freestyle Women Julija Tchepalova RUS 1:22:01.5 GOLD
Stefania Belmondo ITA 1:22:11.7 SILVER
Larissa Lasutina RUS 1:23:15.7 BRONZE
4x5km Cross-country Relay Women Larissa Lasutina RUS 55:13.5 GOLD
Nina Gavrilyuk RUS 55:13.5 GOLD
Olga Danilova RUS 55:13.5 GOLD
Yelena Välbe RUS 55:13.5 GOLD
Bente Skari-Martinsen NOR 55:38.0 SILVER
Anita Moen NOR 55:38.0 SILVER
Elin Nilsen NOR 55:38.0 SILVER
Marit Mikkelsplass NOR 55:38.0 SILVER
Karin Moroder ITA 56:53.3 BRONZE
Gabriella Paruzzi ITA 56:53.3 BRONZE
Manuela di Centa ITA 56:53.3 BRONZE
Stefania Belmondo ITA 56:53.3 BRONZE

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