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1998 Winter Olympics
Nagano, Japan
Speed Skating

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
500m Men Hiroyasu Shimizu JPN 1:11.35 GOLD
Jeremy Wotherspoon CAN 1:11.84 SILVER
Kevin Overland CAN 1:11.86 BRONZE
1000m Men Ids Postma NED 1:10.64 GOLD
Jan Bos NED 1:10.71 SILVER
Hiroyasu Shimizu JPN 1:11.00 BRONZE
1500m Men Ĺdne Sřndrĺl NOR 1:47.87 GOLD
Ids Postma NED 1:48.13 SILVER
Rintje Ritsma NED 1:48.52 BRONZE
5000m Men Gianni Romme NED 6:22.20 GOLD
Rintje Ritsma NED 6:28.24 SILVER
Bart Veldkamp BEL 6:28.31 BRONZE
10000m Men Gianni Romme NED 13:15.33 GOLD
Bob de Jong NED 13:25.76 SILVER
Rintje Ritsma NED 13:28.19 BRONZE
500m Women Catriona Lemay-Doan CAN 1:16.60 GOLD
Susan Auch CAN 1:16.93 SILVER
Tomomi Okazaki JPN 1:17.10 BRONZE
1000m Women Marianne Timmer NED 1:16.51 GOLD
Christine Witty USA 1:16.79 SILVER
Catriona Lemay-Doan CAN 1:17.37 BRONZE
1500m Women Marianne Timmer NED 1:57.58 GOLD
Gunda Niemann GER 1:58.66 SILVER
Christine Witty USA 1:58.97 BRONZE
3000m Women Gunda Niemann GER 4:07.29 GOLD
Claudia Pechstein GER 4:08.47 SILVER
Anna Friesinger GER 4:09.44 BRONZE
5000m Women Claudia Pechstein GER 6:59.61 GOLD
Gunda Niemann GER 6:59.65 SILVER
Lyudmila Prokasheva KAZ 7:11.14 BRONZE
500m Short Track Men Takafumi Nishitani JPN 42.862 GOLD
Yulong An CHN 43.022 SILVER
Hitoshi Uematsu JPN 43.713 BRONZE
1000m Short Track Men Dong-Sung Kim KOR 1:32.375 GOLD
Jiajun Li CHN 1:32.428 SILVER
Éric Bédard CAN 1:32.661 BRONZE
5000m Short Track Relay Men Éric Bédard CAN 7:06.075 GOLD
Derrick Campbell CAN 7:06.075 GOLD
Marc Gagnon CAN 7:06.075 GOLD
Francois Drolet CAN 7:06.075 GOLD
Dong-Sung Kim KOR 7:06.776 SILVER
Ji-Hoon Chae KOR 7:06.776 SILVER
Ho-Eung Lee KOR 7:06.776 SILVER
Jun-Hwan Lee KOR 7:06.776 SILVER
Jiajun Li CHN 7:11.559 BRONZE
Yulong An CHN 7:11.559 BRONZE
Kai Feng CHN 7:11.559 BRONZE
Ye Yuan CHN 7:11.559 BRONZE
500m Short Track Women Annie Perreault CAN 46.568 GOLD
Yang (S) Yang CHN 46.627 SILVER
Lee-Kyung Chun KOR 46.335 BRONZE
1000m Short Track Women Lee-Kyung Chun KOR 1:42.776 GOLD
Yang (S) Yang CHN 1:43.343 SILVER
Hye-Kyung Won KOR 1:43.361 BRONZE
3000m Short Track Relay Women Hye-Kyung Won KOR 4:16.260 GOLD
Lee-Kyung Chun KOR 4:16.260 GOLD
Yoon-Mi Kim KOR 4:16.260 GOLD
Sang-Me An KOR 4:16.260 GOLD
Dandan Sun CHN 4:16.383 SILVER
Yang (S) Yang CHN 4:16.383 SILVER
Yang (A) Yang CHN 4:16.383 SILVER
Chunlu Wang CHN 4:16.383 SILVER
Tania Vicent CAN 4:21.205 BRONZE
Annie Perreault CAN 4:21.205 BRONZE
Isabelle Charest CAN 4:21.205 BRONZE
Christine Boudrias CAN 4:21.205 BRONZE

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