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2002 Winter Olympics
Salt Lake City, United States
Speed Skating

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
500m Men Casey FitzRandolph USA 69.23 GOLD
Hiroyasu Shimizu JPN 69.26 SILVER
Kip Carpenter USA 69.47 BRONZE
1000m Men Gerard van Velde NED 1:07.18 GOLD
Jan Bos NED 1:07.53 SILVER
Joey Cheek USA 1:07.61 BRONZE
1500m Men Derek Parra USA 1:43.95 GOLD
Jochem Uytdehaage NED 1:44.57 SILVER
Ådne Søndrål NOR 1:45.26 BRONZE
5000m Men Jochem Uytdehaage NED 6:14.66 GOLD
Derek Parra USA 6:17.98 SILVER
Jens Boden GER 6:21.73 BRONZE
10000m Men Jochem Uytdehaage NED 12:58.92 GOLD
Gianni Romme NED 13:10.03 SILVER
Lasse Sätre NOR 13:16.92 BRONZE
500m Women Catriona Lemay-Doan CAN 1:14.75 GOLD
Monique Garbrecht GER 1:14.94 SILVER
Sabine Völker GER 1:15.19 BRONZE
1000m Women Christine Witty USA 1:13.83 GOLD
Sabine Völker GER 1:13.96 SILVER
Jennifer Rodriguez USA 1:14.24 BRONZE
1500m Women Anna Friesinger GER 1:54.02 GOLD
Sabine Völker GER 1:54.97 SILVER
Jennifer Rodriguez USA 1:55.32 BRONZE
3000m Women Claudia Pechstein GER 3:57.70 GOLD
Renate Groenevold NED 3:58.94 SILVER
Cindy Klassen CAN 3:58.97 BRONZE
5000m Women Claudia Pechstein GER 6:46.91 GOLD
Greta Smit NED 6:49.22 SILVER
Clara Hughes CAN 6:53.53 BRONZE
500m Short Track Men Marc Gagnon CAN 41.802 GOLD
Jonathan Guilmette CAN 41.994 SILVER
Rusty Smith USA 42.027 BRONZE
1000m Short Track Men Steven Bradbury AUS 1:29.109 GOLD
Apolo Anton Ohno USA 1:30.160 SILVER
Mathieu Turcotte CAN 1:30.563 BRONZE
5000m Short Track Relay Men Mathieu Turcotte CAN 6:51.579 GOLD
Francois-Louis Tremblay CAN 6:51.579 GOLD
Jonathan Guilmette CAN 6:51.579 GOLD
Marc Gagnon CAN 6:51.579 GOLD
Nicola Franceschina ITA 6:56.327 SILVER
Maurizio Carnino ITA 6:56.327 SILVER
Fabio Carta ITA 6:56.327 SILVER
Nicola Rodigari ITA 6:56.327 SILVER
Kai Feng CHN 6:59.633 BRONZE
Wei Guo CHN 6:59.633 BRONZE
Ye Li CHN 6:59.633 BRONZE
Jiajun Li CHN 6:59.633 BRONZE
1500m Short Track Men Apolo Anton Ohno USA 2:18.541 GOLD
Jiajun Li CHN 2:18.731 SILVER
Marc Gagnon CAN 2:18.806 BRONZE
500m Short Track Women Yang (A) Yang CHN 44.187 GOLD
Evgenia Radanova BUL 44.252 SILVER
Chunlu Wang CHN 44.272 BRONZE
1000m Short Track Women Yang (A) Yang CHN 1:36.391 GOLD
Gi-Hyun Ko KOR 1:36.427 SILVER
Yang (S) Yang CHN 1:37.008 BRONZE
3000m Short Track Relay Women Hye-Won Park KOR 4:12.793 GOLD
Min-Jin Joo KOR 4:12.793 GOLD
Eun-Kyung Choi KOR 4:12.793 GOLD
Min-Kyung Choi KOR 4:12.793 GOLD
Yang (S) Yang CHN 4:13.236 SILVER
Chunlu Wang CHN 4:13.236 SILVER
Yang (A) Yang CHN 4:13.236 SILVER
Dandan Sun CHN 4:13.236 SILVER
Marie-Eve Drolet CAN 4:15.738 BRONZE
Isabelle Charest CAN 4:15.738 BRONZE
Amelie Goulet-Nadon CAN 4:15.738 BRONZE
Alanna Kraus CAN 4:15.738 BRONZE
1500m Short Track Women Gi-Hyun Ko KOR 2:31.581 GOLD
Eun-Kyung Choi KOR 2:31.610 SILVER
Evgenia Radanova BUL 2:31.723 BRONZE

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