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2006 Winter Olympics
Turin, Italy
Nordic Skiing

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
15km Cross-Country Classical Men Eugeni Dementiev RUS GOLD
Lukas Bauer CZR 38:15.8 SILVER
Tobias Angerer GER 38:20.5 BRONZE
2x15km Cross-country Combined Pursuit Men Andrus Veerpalu EST GOLD
Frode Estil NOR 17:01.4 SILVER
Pietro Piller Cottrer ITA 17:01.7 BRONZE
50km Cross-country Freestyle Men Giorgio di Centa ITA 06:11.8 GOLD
Eugeni Dementiev RUS 06:12.6 SILVER
Mikhail Botvinov AUT 06:12.7 BRONZE
4x10km Cross-country Relay Men Giorgio di Centa ITA 43:45.7 GOLD
Pietro Piller Cottrer ITA 43:45.7 GOLD
Fulvio Valbusa ITA 43:45.7 GOLD
Cristian Zorzi ITA 43:45.7 GOLD
Rene Sommerfeldt GER 44:01.4 SILVER
Andreas Schlütter GER 44:01.4 SILVER
Jens Filbrich GER 44:01.4 SILVER
Tobias Angerer GER 44:01.4 SILVER
Mathias Fredriksson SWE 44:01.7 BRONZE
Johan Olsson SWE 44:01.7 BRONZE
Mats Larsson SWE 44:01.7 BRONZE
Anders Sødergren SWE 44:01.7 BRONZE
1.35km Sprint Men Bjørn Lind SWE 02:26.5 GOLD
Roddy Darragon FRA 02:27.1 SILVER
Thobias Fredriksson SWE 02:27.8 BRONZE
Cross-country Team Sprint Men Thobias Fredriksson SWE 17:02.9 GOLD
Bjørn Lind SWE 17:02.9 GOLD
Tor Arne Hetland NOR 17:03.5 SILVER
Jens Arne Svartedal NOR 17:03.5 SILVER
Vassili Rotchev RUS 17:05.2 BRONZE
Ivan Alypov RUS 17:05.2 BRONZE
Ski Jump 90m Lars Bystøl NOR 266.5 GOLD
Matti Hautamäki FIN 265.5 SILVER
Roar Ljøkelsøy NOR 264.5 BRONZE
Ski Jump 120m Thomas Morgenstern AUT 276.9 GOLD
Andreas Kofler AUT 276.8 SILVER
Lars Bystøl NOR 250.7 BRONZE
Ski Jump Team Martin Koch AUT 984 GOLD
Andreas Kofler AUT 984 GOLD
Thomas Morgenstern AUT 984 GOLD
Andreas Widhölzl AUT 984 GOLD
Tami Kiuru FIN 976.6 SILVER
Janne Ahonen FIN 976.6 SILVER
Janne Happonen FIN 976.6 SILVER
Matti Hautamäki FIN 976.6 SILVER
Lars Bystøl NOR 950.1 BRONZE
Tommy Ingebrigtsen NOR 950.1 BRONZE
Roar Ljøkelsøy NOR 950.1 BRONZE
Bjørn Einar Romøren NOR 950.1 BRONZE
Nordic Combined, Individual Georg Hettich GER GOLD
Felix Gottwald AUT +9.8 sec SILVER
Magnus Moan NOR +16.2 sec BRONZE
Nordic Combined, Team Felix Gottwald AUT GOLD
Michael Gruber AUT GOLD
Christoph Bieler AUT GOLD
Mario Stecher AUT GOLD
Ronny Ackermann GER SILVER
Jens Gaiser  GER SILVER
Björn Kircheisen GER SILVER
Georg Hettich GER SILVER
Anssi Koivuranta  FIN BRONZE
Antti Kuisma  FIN BRONZE
Hannu Manninen FIN BRONZE
Jaako Tallus FIN BRONZE
Nordic Combined, Sprint Felix Gottwald AUT GOLD
Magnus Moan NOR +5.4 sec SILVER
Georg Hettich GER +6.6 sec BRONZE
Cross-country Team Sprint Women Lina Andersson SWE 16:36.9 GOLD
Anna Dahlberg SWE 16:36.9 GOLD
Sara Renner CAN 16:37.5 SILVER
Beckie Scott CAN 16:37.5 SILVER
Aino-Kaisa Saarinen FIN 16:39.2 BRONZE
Virpi Kuitunen FIN 16:39.2 BRONZE
10km Cross-Country Classical Women Kristina Smigun EST 27:51.4 GOLD
Marit Björgen NOR 28:12.7 SILVER
Hilde Pedersen NOR 28:14.0 BRONZE
2x7.5km Cross-country Combined Pursuit Women Kristina Smigun EST 42:48.7 GOLD
Katerina Neumannová CZR 42:50.6 SILVER
Yevgenia Medvedeva-Abruzova RUS 43:03.2 BRONZE
30km Cross-country Freestyle Women Katerina Neumannová CZR 22:25.4 GOLD
Julija Tchepalova RUS 22:26.8 SILVER
Justyna Kowalczyk POL 22:27.5 BRONZE
4x5km Cross-country Relay Women Larisa Kurkina RUS 54:47.7 GOLD
Evgenia Medvedeva-Abruzova RUS 54:47.7 GOLD
Natalia Baranova-Masolkina RUS 54:47.7 GOLD
Julija Tchepalova RUS 54:47.7 GOLD
Evi Sachenbacher GER 54:57.7 SILVER
Viola Bauer GER 54:57.7 SILVER
Stefanie Böhler GER 54:57.7 SILVER
Claudia Künzel GER 54:57.7 SILVER
Gabriella Paruzzi ITA 54:58.7 BRONZE
Antonella Confortola ITA 54:58.7 BRONZE
Arianna Follis ITA 54:58.7 BRONZE
Sabina Valbusa ITA 54:58.7 BRONZE
1.1km Sprint Women Chandra Crawford CAN 02:12.3 GOLD
Claudia Künzel GER 02:13.0 SILVER
Alena Sidko RUS 02:13.2 BRONZE

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