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2006 Winter Olympics
Turin, Italy
Speed Skating

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
500m Men Apolo Anton Ohno USA 69.76 GOLD
Francois-Louis Tremblay RUS 70.41 SILVER
Ahn Hyun-Soo KOR 70.43 BRONZE
1000m Men Shani Davis USA 01:08.9 GOLD
Joey Cheek USA 01:09.2 SILVER
Erben Wennemars  NED 01:09.3 BRONZE
1500m Men Enrico Fabris ITA 01:46.0 GOLD
Shani Davis USA 01:46.1 SILVER
Chad Hedrick USA 01:46.2 BRONZE
5000m Men Chad Hedrick USA 06:14.7 GOLD
Sven Kramer NED 06:16.4 SILVER
Enrico Fabris ITA 06:18.2 BRONZE
10000m Men Bob de Jong NED 13:01.6 GOLD
Chad Hedrick USA 13:05.4 SILVER
Carl Verheijen NED 13:08.8 BRONZE
Team Pursuit Men Ippolito Sanfratello ITA 03:44.0 GOLD
Stefano Donagrandi  ITA 03:44.0 GOLD
Enrico Fabris ITA 03:44.0 GOLD
Matteo Anesi ITA 03:44.0 GOLD
Steven Elm CAN 03:47.3 SILVER
Arne Dankers CAN 03:47.3 SILVER
Jason Parker  CAN 03:47.3 SILVER
Denny Morrison  CAN 03:47.3 SILVER
Justin Warsylewicz CAN 03:47.3 SILVER
Erben Wennemars  NED 03:44.5 BRONZE
Rintje Ritsma NED 03:44.5 BRONZE
Carl Verheijen NED 03:44.5 BRONZE
Mark Tuitert NED 03:44.5 BRONZE
Sven Kramer NED 03:44.5 BRONZE
500m Women Svetlana Zhurova RUS 76.57 GOLD
Wang Manli CHN 76.78 SILVER
Ren Hui CHN 76.87 BRONZE
1000m Women Marianne Timmer NED 01:16.1 GOLD
Cindy Klassen CAN 01:16.1 SILVER
Anna Friesinger GER 01:16.1 BRONZE
1500m Women Cindy Klassen CAN 01:55.3 GOLD
Kristina Groves CAN 01:56.7 SILVER
Ireen Wüst NED 01:56.9 BRONZE
3000m Women Ireen Wüst NED 04:02.4 GOLD
Renate Groenevold NED 04:03.5 SILVER
Cindy Klassen CAN 04:04.4 BRONZE
5000m Women Clara Hughes CAN 06:59.1 GOLD
Claudia Pechstein GER 07:00.1 SILVER
Cindy Klassen CAN 07:00.6 BRONZE
Team Pursuit Women Claudia Pechstein GER 03:01.3 GOLD
Anna Friesinger GER 03:01.3 GOLD
Daniela Anschütz-Thoms GER 03:01.3 GOLD
Sabine Völker GER 03:01.3 GOLD
Lucille Opitz GER 03:01.3 GOLD
Shannon Rempel  CAN 03:02.9 SILVER
Kristina Groves CAN 03:02.9 SILVER
Clara Hughes CAN 03:02.9 SILVER
Christine Nesbitt CAN 03:02.9 SILVER
Cindy Klassen CAN 03:02.9 SILVER
Galina Likhachova  RUS BRONZE
Yekaterina Lobysheva RUS BRONZE
Yekaterina Abramova RUS BRONZE
Varvara Barysheva  RUS BRONZE
Svetlana Vysokova RUS BRONZE
500m Short Track Men Apolo Anton Ohno USA 41.935 GOLD
Francois-Louis Tremblay CAN 42.002 SILVER
Ahn Hyun-Soo KOR 42.089 BRONZE
1000m Short Track Men Ahn Hyun-Soo KOR 01:26.7 GOLD
Lee Ho-Suk KOR 01:26.8 SILVER
Apolo Anton Ohno USA 01:26.9 BRONZE
5000m Short Track Relay Men Ahn Hyun-Soo KOR 06:43.4 GOLD
Seo Ho-Jin KOR 06:43.4 GOLD
Lee Ho-Suk KOR 06:43.4 GOLD
Song Suk-Woo KOR 06:43.4 GOLD
Francois-Louis Tremblay CAN 06:43.7 SILVER
Mathieu Turcotte CAN 06:43.7 SILVER
Charles Hamelin CAN 06:43.7 SILVER
Éric Bédard CAN 06:43.7 SILVER
Alex Izykowski USA 06:48.0 BRONZE
J.P. Kepka USA 06:48.0 BRONZE
Apolo Anton Ohno USA 06:48.0 BRONZE
Rusty Smith USA 06:48.0 BRONZE
1500m Short Track Men Ahn Hyun-Soo KOR 02:25.3 GOLD
Lee Ho-Suk KOR 02:25.6 SILVER
Jiajun Li CHN 02:26.0 BRONZE
500m Short Track Women Wang Meng CHN 44.345 GOLD
Evgenia Radanova BUL 44.374 SILVER
Anouk Leblanc-Boucher CAN 44.759 BRONZE
1000m Short Track Women Jin Sun-Yu KOR 01:32.9 GOLD
Wang Meng CHN 01:33.1 SILVER
Yang (A) Yang CHN 01:33.9 BRONZE
3000m Short Track Relay Women Jin Sun-Yu KOR 04:17.0 GOLD
Eun-Kyung Choi KOR 04:17.0 GOLD
Byun Chun-Sa KOR 04:17.0 GOLD
Jeon Da-Hye KOR 04:17.0 GOLD
Alanna Kraus CAN 04:17.3 SILVER
Anouk Leblanc-Boucher CAN 04:17.3 SILVER
Kalyna Roberge CAN 04:17.3 SILVER
Katia Zini ITA 04:20.0 BRONZE
Mara Zini ITA 04:20.0 BRONZE
Marta Capurso ITA 04:20.0 BRONZE
Arianna Fontana ITA 04:20.0 BRONZE
1500m Short Track Women Jin Sun-Yu KOR 02:23.5 GOLD
Eun-Kyung Choi KOR 02:24.1 SILVER
Wang Meng CHN 02:24.5 BRONZE

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