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2008 Summer Olympics
Beijing, China

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Olaf Tufte NOR 6:59.83 GOLD
Ondrej Synek CZR 7:00.63 SILVER
Mahe Drysdale NZL 7:01.56 BRONZE
Double Sculls Men David Crawshay AUS 6:27.77 GOLD
Scott Brennan AUS 6:27.77 GOLD
Tonu Endrekson EST 6:29.05 SILVER
Juri Jaanson EST 6:29.05 SILVER
Matthew Wells GBR 6:29.10 BRONZE
Stephen Rowbotham GBR 6:29.10 BRONZE
Quadruple Sculls Men Konrad Wasielewski POL 5:41.33 GOLD
Michal Jelinski POL 5:41.33 GOLD
Marek Kolbowicz POL 5:41.33 GOLD
Adam Korol POL 5:41.33 GOLD
Rossano Galtarossa ITA 5:43.57 SILVER
Luca Agamennoni ITA 5:43.57 SILVER
Simone Venier ITA 5:43.57 SILVER
Simone Raineri ITA 5:43.57 SILVER
Pierre-Jean Peltier FRA 5:44.34 BRONZE
Julien Bahain FRA 5:44.34 BRONZE
Cédric Berrest FRA 5:44.34 BRONZE
Jonathan Coeffic FRA 5:44.34 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Men Drew Ginn AUS 6:37.44 GOLD
Duncan Free AUS 6:37.44 GOLD
Scott Frandsen CAN 6:39.55 SILVER
David Calder CAN 6:39.55 SILVER
George Bridgewater NZL 6:44.19 BRONZE
Nathan Twaddle NZL 6:44.19 BRONZE
Coxless Fours Men Andrew Triggs-Hodge GBR 6:06.57 GOLD
Steve Williams GBR 6:06.57 GOLD
Peter Reed GBR 6:06.57 GOLD
Tom James GBR 6:06.57 GOLD
Francis Hegerty AUS 6:07.85 SILVER
Matthew Ryan AUS 6:07.85 SILVER
James Marburg AUS 6:07.85 SILVER
Cameron McKenzie-McHarg AUS 6:07.85 SILVER
Dorian Mortelette FRA 6:09.31 BRONZE
Benjamin Rondeau FRA 6:09.31 BRONZE
Germain Chardin FRA 6:09.31 BRONZE
Julien Desprčs FRA 6:09.31 BRONZE
Eights Men Andrew Byrnes CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Kyle Hamilton CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Malcolm Howard CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Adam Kreek CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Ben Rutledge CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Brian Price CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Kevin Light CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Jake Wetzel CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Dominic Sieterle CAN 5:23.89 GOLD
Colin Smith GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Tom Stallard GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Josh West GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Matthew Langridge GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Tom Lucy GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Alex Partridge GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Alastair Heathcote GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Richard Egington GBR 5:25.11 SILVER
Steven Coppola USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Micah Boyd USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Wyatt Allen USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Josh Inman USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Beau Hoopman USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Bryan Volpenhein USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Daniel Walsh USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Matt Schnobrich USA 5:25.34 BRONZE
Lightweight Double Sculls Men Zac Purchase GBR 6:10.99 GOLD
Mark Hunter GBR 6:10.99 GOLD
Vasileios Polymeros GRE 6:11.72 SILVER
Dimitros Mougios GRE 6:11.72 SILVER
Mads Rasumussen DEN 6:12.45 BRONZE
Rasmus Hansen DEN 6:12.45 BRONZE
Lightweight Coxless Fours Men Mads Kruse Andersen DEN 5:47.76 GOLD
Morten Jřrgensen DEN 5:47.76 GOLD
Eskild Ebbesen DEN 5:47.76 GOLD
Thomas Ebert DEN 5:47.76 GOLD
Milosz Bernatajtys POL 5:49.39 SILVER
Bartlomiej Pawelczak POL 5:49.39 SILVER
Lukasz Pawlowski POL 5:49.39 SILVER
Pawel Randa POL 5:49.39 SILVER
Mike Lewis CAN 5:50.09 BRONZE
Liam Parsons CAN 5:50.09 BRONZE
Jon Beare CAN 5:50.09 BRONZE
Iain Brambell CAN 5:50.09 BRONZE
Single Sculls Women Rumyana Neykova BUL 7:22.34 GOLD
Michelle Guerette USA 7:22.78 SILVER
Ekaterina Karsten BLR 7:23.98 BRONZE
Double Sculls Women Carolina Evers-Swindell NZL 7:07.32 GOLD
Georgina Evers-Swindell NZL 7:07.32 GOLD
Christiane Huth GER 7:07.33 SILVER
Annekatrin Thiele GER 7:07.33 SILVER
Elise Laverick GBR 7:07.55 BRONZE
Anna Bebington GBR 7:07.55 BRONZE
Quadruple Sculls Women Xi Aihua CHN 6:16.06 GOLD
Tang Bin CHN 6:16.06 GOLD
Jin Ziwei CHN 6:16.06 GOLD
Zhang Yangyang CHN 6:16.06 GOLD
Annie Vernon GBR 6:17.37 SILVER
Debbie Flood GBR 6:17.37 SILVER
Katherine Grainger GBR 6:17.37 SILVER
Frances Houghton GBR 6:17.37 SILVER
Kathrin Boron GER 6:19.56 BRONZE
Manuela Lutze GER 6:19.56 BRONZE
Britta Oppelt GER 6:19.56 BRONZE
Stephanie Schiller GER 6:19.56 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Women Viorica Susanu ROM 7:20.60 GOLD
Georgeta Andrunache ROM 7:20.60 GOLD
Wu You CHN 7:22.28 SILVER
Gao Yulan CHN 7:22.28 SILVER
Yuliya Bichyk BLR 7:22.91 BRONZE
Natallia Helakh BLR 7:22.91 BRONZE
Eights Women Susan Francia USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Anna Goodale USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Erin Cafaro USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Anna Cummins USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Caryn Davies USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Lindsay Shoop USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Carl Lind USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Elle Logan USA 6:05.34 GOLD
Roline Repelaer van Driel NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Sarah Siegelaar NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Marlies Smulders NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Helen Tanger NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Annemarieke van Rumpt NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Annemiek de Haan NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Femke Dekker NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Nienke Kingma NED 6:07.22 SILVER
Doina Ignat ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Constanta Burcica-Pipota ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Georgeta Andrunache ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Eniko Barabás ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Viorica Susanu ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Rodica Serban ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Simona Musat ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Ioana Papuc ROM 6:07.25 BRONZE
Lightweight Double Sculls Women Kirsten van der Kolk NED 6:54.74 GOLD
Marit van Eupen NED 6:54.74 GOLD
Sanna Sten FIN 6:56.03 SILVER
Minna Nieminen FIN 6:56.03 SILVER
Tracy Cameron CAN 6:56.68 BRONZE
Melanie Kok CAN 6:56.68 BRONZE

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