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1908 Summer Olympics
London, United Kingdom

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Team Combined Exercises Gösta Åsbrink SWE 438 GOLD
Carl Bertilsson SWE 438 GOLD
Hjalmar Cedercrona SWE 438 GOLD
Andreas Cervin SWE 438 GOLD
Rudolf Degermark SWE 438 GOLD
Carl Wilhelm Folcker SWE 438 GOLD
Sven Forssman SWE 438 GOLD
Erik Granfelt SWE 438 GOLD
Carl Hårleman SWE 438 GOLD
Nils Hellsten SWE 438 GOLD
Gunnar Höjer SWE 438 GOLD
Arvid Holmberg SWE 438 GOLD
Carl Holmberg SWE 438 GOLD
Osvald Holmberg SWE 438 GOLD
Hugo Jahnke SWE 438 GOLD
John Jarlén SWE 438 GOLD
Gustaf Johnsson SWE 438 GOLD
Rolf Johnsson SWE 438 GOLD
Sven Landberg SWE 438 GOLD
Olle Lanner SWE 438 GOLD
Axel Ljung SWE 438 GOLD
Carl Martin Norberg SWE 438 GOLD
Erik Norberg SWE 438 GOLD
Thor Norberg SWE 438 GOLD
Axel Norling SWE 438 GOLD
Daniel Norling SWE 438 GOLD
Osvald Moberg SWE 438 GOLD
Gösta Olson SWE 438 GOLD
Leonard Peterson SWE 438 GOLD
Gösta Rosenqvist SWE 438 GOLD
Sven Rosén SWE 438 GOLD
Axel Sjöblom SWE 438 GOLD
Birger Sörvik SWE 438 GOLD
Haakon Sörvik SWE 438 GOLD
Karl-Johan Svensson SWE 438 GOLD
Gustaf Vinqvist SWE 438 GOLD
Nils von Kantzow SWE 438 GOLD
Nils Widforss SWE 438 GOLD
Andreas Strand NOR 425 SILVER
Thomas Torstensen NOR 425 SILVER
Olaf Syvertsen NOR 425 SILVER
John Skrataas NOR 425 SILVER
Harald Smedvik NOR 425 SILVER
Carl Alfred Pedersen NOR 425 SILVER
Paul Andreas Pedersen NOR 425 SILVER
Sigvard Sivertsen NOR 425 SILVER
Anders Moen NOR 425 SILVER
Frithjof Olsen NOR 425 SILVER
Nicolai Kiær NOR 425 SILVER
Carl Klæth NOR 425 SILVER
Thor Larsen NOR 425 SILVER
Rolf Lefdahl NOR 425 SILVER
Hans Lem NOR 425 SILVER
Sverre Grøner NOR 425 SILVER
Harald Halvorsen NOR 425 SILVER
Harald Hansen NOR 425 SILVER
Mathias Jespersen NOR 425 SILVER
Sigge Johannessen NOR 425 SILVER
Petter Hol NOR 425 SILVER
Eugen Ingebretsen NOR 425 SILVER
Ole Iversen NOR 425 SILVER
Oskar Bye NOR 425 SILVER
Conrad Carlsrud NOR 425 SILVER
Hermann Bohne NOR 425 SILVER
Trygve Boyesen NOR 425 SILVER
Otto Authén NOR 425 SILVER
Arthur Amundsen NOR 425 SILVER
Flisa Andersen NOR 425 SILVER
Otto Granström FIN 405 BRONZE
Eino Forsström FIN 405 BRONZE
Johan Kemp FIN 405 BRONZE
John Lindroth FIN 405 BRONZE
Yrjö Linko FIN 405 BRONZE
Edvard Linna FIN 405 BRONZE
Heikki Lehmusto FIN 405 BRONZE
Iivari Kyykoski FIN 405 BRONZE
Matti Markkanen FIN 405 BRONZE
Källe Mikkolainen FIN 405 BRONZE
Heikki Nieminen FIN 405 BRONZE
Källe Paasia FIN 405 BRONZE
Arvi Pohjanpää FIN 405 BRONZE
Aarne Pohjonen FIN 405 BRONZE
Eino Railio FIN 405 BRONZE
Åke Riipinen FIN 405 BRONZE
Elis Sipilä FIN 405 BRONZE
Arno Saarinen FIN 405 BRONZE
Einar Sahlstein FIN 405 BRONZE
Aarne Salovaara FIN 405 BRONZE
Karl Sandelin FIN 405 BRONZE
Kaarlo Soinio FIN 405 BRONZE
Viktor Smeds FIN 405 BRONZE
Väinö Tiiri FIN 405 BRONZE
Kurt Stenberg FIN 405 BRONZE
Karl Wegelius FIN 405 BRONZE
All-around, Individual Men Alberto Braglia KIT 317 GOLD
Walter Tysal GBR 312 SILVER
Louis Ségura FRA 297 BRONZE

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