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1912 Summer Olympics
Stockholm, Sweden

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Rapid-Fire Pistol Alfred Lane USA 287 GOLD
Paul PalÚn SWE 286 SILVER
Johan HŘbner von Holst SWE 283 BRONZE
Free Pistol Alfred Lane USA 499 GOLD
Peter Dolfen USA 474 SILVER
Charles Stewart GBR 470 BRONZE
Small-bore Rifle, prone Frederick Hird USA 194 GOLD
William Milne GBR 193 SILVER
Harry Burt GBR 192 BRONZE
Trap Shooting James Graham USA 96 GOLD
Alfred Goeldel DEU 94 SILVER
Harry Blau RUS 91 BRONZE
Military Revolver Teams 50m Peter Dolfen USA 1916 GOLD
Alfred Lane USA 1916 GOLD
John Dietz USA 1916 GOLD
Henry Sears USA 1916 GOLD
Georg de Laval SWE 1849 SILVER
Vilhelm Carlberg SWE 1849 SILVER
Erik Bostr÷m SWE 1849 SILVER
Eric Carlberg SWE 1849 SILVER
Hugh Durant GBR 1804 BRONZE
Albert Kempster GBR 1804 BRONZE
Charles Stewart GBR 1804 BRONZE
Horatio Poulter GBR 1804 BRONZE
Military Revolver Teams 30m Paul PalÚn SWE 1145 GOLD
Johan HŘbner von Holst SWE 1145 GOLD
Vilhelm Carlberg SWE 1145 GOLD
Eric Carlberg SWE 1145 GOLD
Nikolai de Melnitski RUS 1091 SILVER
Georgi de Panteleimonov RUS 1091 SILVER
Pavel de Voiloshnivov RUS 1091 SILVER
Amos de Kasch RUS 1091 SILVER
Albert Kempster GBR 1107 BRONZE
Hugh Durant GBR 1107 BRONZE
Charles Stewart GBR 1107 BRONZE
Horatio Poulter GBR 1107 BRONZE
Free Rifle Teams Erik Blomqvist SWE 5655 GOLD
Carl Bj÷rkman SWE 5655 GOLD
Bernhard Larsson SWE 5655 GOLD
Adolf Jonsson SWE 5655 GOLD
Hugo Johansson SWE 5655 GOLD
Mauritz Eriksson SWE 5655 GOLD
Albert Helgerud NOR 5605 SILVER
Einar Liberg NOR 5605 SILVER
Guldbrand Skatteboe NOR 5605 SILVER
Olaf SŠther NOR 5605 SILVER
Ole SŠther NOR 5605 SILVER
ěsten ěstensen NOR 5605 SILVER
Lars J°rg Madsen DEN 5529 BRONZE
Ole Olsen DEN 5529 BRONZE
Laurids Larsen DEN 5529 BRONZE
Niels Larsen DEN 5529 BRONZE
Jens Hajslund DEN 5529 BRONZE
Niels Andersen DEN 5529 BRONZE
Free Rifle, 3 Positions Paul Colas FRA 987 GOLD
Lars J°rg Madsen DEN 981 SILVER
Niels Larsen DEN 962 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle Sßndor Prokopp HUN 97 GOLD
Carl Osburn USA 95 SILVER
Embret Skogen NOR 95 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle, Any Position Paul Colas FRA 94 GOLD
Carl Osburn USA 94 SILVER
John Jackson USA 93 BRONZE
Military Rifle Teams John Jackson USA 1687 GOLD
Harry Adams USA 1687 GOLD
Allan Briggs USA 1687 GOLD
Cornelius Burdette USA 1687 GOLD
Carl Osburn USA 1687 GOLD
Warren Sprout USA 1687 GOLD
Edward Skilton GBR 1602 SILVER
Harcourt Ommundsen GBR 1602 SILVER
James Reid GBR 1602 SILVER
Edward Parnell GBR 1602 SILVER
Henry Burr GBR 1602 SILVER
Arthur Fulton GBR 1602 SILVER
Mauritz Eriksson SWE 1570 BRONZE
Werner Jernstr÷m SWE 1570 BRONZE
Hugo Johansson SWE 1570 BRONZE
Bernhard Larsson SWE 1570 BRONZE
Carl Bj÷rkman SWE 1570 BRONZE
Tonnes Bj÷rkman SWE 1570 BRONZE
Small-bore Rifle, Disappearing Target Vilhelm Carlberg SWE 242 GOLD
Johan HŘbner von Holst SWE 233 SILVER
Gideon Ericsson SWE 231 BRONZE
Small-bore Rifle Team, 25m Vilhelm Carlberg SWE 925 GOLD
Gustaf Boivie SWE 925 GOLD
Eric Carlberg SWE 925 GOLD
Johan HŘbner von Holst SWE 925 GOLD
William Styles GBR 917 SILVER
Joseph PepÚ GBR 917 SILVER
William Pimm GBR 917 SILVER
William Milne GBR 917 SILVER
William McDonell USA 881 BRONZE
William Leuschner USA 881 BRONZE
Warren Sprout USA 881 BRONZE
Frederick Hird USA 881 BRONZE
Small-bore Rifle Team, 50m Edward Lessimore GBR 762 GOLD
Robert Murray GBR 762 GOLD
William Pimm GBR 762 GOLD
Joseph PepÚ GBR 762 GOLD
Ruben Írtegren SWE 748 SILVER
Arthur Nordenswan SWE 748 SILVER
Eric Carlberg SWE 748 SILVER
Vilhelm Carlberg SWE 748 SILVER
Frederick Hird USA 744 BRONZE
William Leuschner USA 744 BRONZE
Carl Osburn USA 744 BRONZE
Warren Sprout USA 744 BRONZE
Running Deer, Single Shot Alf Swahn SWE 41 GOLD
┼ke Lundeberg SWE 41 SILVER
Nestori Toivonen FIN 41 BRONZE
Running Deer, Single Shot, Team Alf Swahn SWE 151 GOLD
Oscar Swahn SWE 151 GOLD
┼ke Lundeberg SWE 151 GOLD
Per Olof Arvidsson SWE 151 GOLD
William Leuschner USA 132 SILVER
William Libbey USA 132 SILVER
William McDonell USA 132 SILVER
Walter Winans USA 132 SILVER
Nestori Toivonen FIN 123 BRONZE
Iivar Vńńnńnen FIN 123 BRONZE
Axel Londen FIN 123 BRONZE
Ernst Rosenqvist FIN 123 BRONZE
Running Deer, Double Shot ┼ke Lundeberg SWE 79 GOLD
Edward Benedicks SWE 74 SILVER
Oscar Swahn SWE 72 BRONZE
Trap Shooting, Team Ralph Spotts USA 532 GOLD
Charles Billings USA 532 GOLD
Frank Hall USA 532 GOLD
James Graham USA 532 GOLD
Edward Gleason USA 532 GOLD
John Hendrickson USA 532 GOLD
William Grosvenor GBR 511 SILVER
Harry Humby GBR 511 SILVER
John Butt GBR 511 SILVER
George Whitaker GBR 511 SILVER
Alex Maunder GBR 511 SILVER
Charles Palmer GBR 511 SILVER
Albert Preu▀ DEU 510 BRONZE
Erich Graf von Bernstorff-Gyldensteen DEU 510 BRONZE
Franz Freiherr von Zedlitz und Leipe DEU 510 BRONZE
Alfred Goeldel DEU 510 BRONZE
Horst Goeldel DEU 510 BRONZE
Erland Koch DEU 510 BRONZE

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