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1912 Summer Olympics
Stockholm, Sweden

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
6 Meter Class Amédée Thubé FRA GOLD
Gaston Thubé FRA GOLD
Jacques Thubé FRA GOLD
Sven Thomsen DEN SILVER
Hans Madsen DEN SILVER
Steen Herschend DEN SILVER
Eric Sandberg SWE BRONZE
Harald Sandberg SWE BRONZE
8 Meter Class Thomas Aas NOR GOLD
Andreas Brecke NOR GOLD
Torleiv Corneliussen NOR GOLD
Thoralf Glad NOR GOLD
Christian Jebe NOR GOLD
Bengt Heyman SWE SILVER
Emil Henriques SWE SILVER
Herbert Westermark SWE SILVER
Nils Westermark SWE SILVER
Alvar Thiel SWE SILVER
Bertil Tallberg FIN BRONZE
Gunnar Tallberg FIN BRONZE
Bertel Juslén FIN BRONZE
Curt Andstén FIN BRONZE
Jarl Andstén FIN BRONZE
10 Meter Class Filip Ericsson SWE GOLD
Paul Isberg SWE GOLD
Carl Hellström SWE GOLD
Humbert Lundén SWE GOLD
Erik Wallerius SWE GOLD
Harald Wallerius SWE GOLD
Harry Rosensvård SWE GOLD
Herman Nyberg SWE GOLD
Adolf Pekkalainen FIN SILVER
Allan Franck FIN SILVER
Bernhard Brenner FIN SILVER
Waldemar Björkstén FIN SILVER
Jacob Björnström FIN SILVER
Ernest Brasche RUS BRONZE
Esper Beloselsky RUS BRONZE
Filipp Strauch RUS BRONZE
A Pusnitski RUS BRONZE
Aleksandr Rodionov RUS BRONZE
Yossif Schomaker RUS BRONZE
12 Meter Class Alfred Larsen NOR GOLD
Petter Larsen NOR GOLD
Fritz Staib NOR GOLD
Gustav Thaulow NOR GOLD
Johan Anker NOR GOLD
Nils Bertelsen NOR GOLD
Eilert Falch-Lund NOR GOLD
Arnfinn Heje NOR GOLD
Halfdan Hansen NOR GOLD
Magnus Konow NOR GOLD
Sigurd Kander SWE SILVER
Folke Johnson SWE SILVER
Hugo Clasen SWE SILVER
Per Bergman SWE SILVER
Dick Bergström SWE SILVER
Kurt Bergström SWE SILVER
Erik Lindqvist SWE SILVER
Nils Persson SWE SILVER
Richard Sællström SWE SILVER
Johan Silén FIN BRONZE
Eino Sandelin FIN BRONZE
Max Alfthan FIN BRONZE
Sigurd Juslén FIN BRONZE
Axel Krogius FIN BRONZE
Ernst Krogius FIN BRONZE
Erik Hartvall FIN BRONZE
Viking Hulldén FIN BRONZE

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