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1920 Summer Olympics
Antwerp, Belgium

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Team Combined Exercises Arnaldo Andreoli KIT 359.855 GOLD
Ettore Bellotto KIT 359.855 GOLD
Pietro Bianchi KIT 359.855 GOLD
Fernando Bonatti KIT 359.855 GOLD
Luigi Cambiaso KIT 359.855 GOLD
Luigi Contessi KIT 359.855 GOLD
Carlo Costigliolo KIT 359.855 GOLD
Luigi Costigliolo KIT 359.855 GOLD
Giuseppe Domenichelli KIT 359.855 GOLD
Roberto Ferrari KIT 359.855 GOLD
Carlo Fregosi KIT 359.855 GOLD
Romualdo Ghiglione KIT 359.855 GOLD
Ambrogio Levati KIT 359.855 GOLD
Francesco Loi KIT 359.855 GOLD
Vittorio Lucchetti KIT 359.855 GOLD
Luigi Maiocco KIT 359.855 GOLD
Ferdinando Mandrini KIT 359.855 GOLD
Giovanni Mangiante KIT 359.855 GOLD
Lorenzo Mangiante KIT 359.855 GOLD
Antonio Marovelli KIT 359.855 GOLD
Michele Mastromarino KIT 359.855 GOLD
Manlio Pastorini KIT 359.855 GOLD
Ezio Roselli KIT 359.855 GOLD
Paolo Salvi KIT 359.855 GOLD
Giovanni Battista Tubino KIT 359.855 GOLD
Giorgio Zampori KIT 359.855 GOLD
Angelo Zorzi KIT 359.855 GOLD
Georges Vivex BEL 346.765 SILVER
Julianus Wagemans BEL 346.765 SILVER
Jean van Guysse BEL 346.765 SILVER
Alphonse van Mele BEL 346.765 SILVER
François Verboven BEL 346.765 SILVER
Jean Verboven BEL 346.765 SILVER
Julien Verdonck BEL 346.765 SILVER
Joseph Verstraeten BEL 346.765 SILVER
Louis Stoop BEL 346.765 SILVER
Ferdinand Minnaert BEL 346.765 SILVER
Nicolas Maerloos BEL 346.765 SILVER
Constant Loriot BEL 346.765 SILVER
Jules Labéeu BEL 346.765 SILVER
Hubert Lafortune BEL 346.765 SILVER
Auguste Landrieu BEL 346.765 SILVER
Charles Lannie BEL 346.765 SILVER
Dominique Jacobs BEL 346.765 SILVER
Félicien Kempeneers BEL 346.765 SILVER
François Gibens BEL 346.765 SILVER
Albert Haepers BEL 346.765 SILVER
Augustus Cootmans BEL 346.765 SILVER
François Claessens BEL 346.765 SILVER
Eugenius Auwerkerken BEL 346.765 SILVER
Théophile Bauer BEL 346.765 SILVER
Eugène Cordonnier FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Georges Berger FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Alfred Buyenne FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Emile Bouchès FRA 340.100 BRONZE
René Boulanger FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Fernand Fauconnier FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Arthur Hermann FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Albert Hersoy FRA 340.100 BRONZE
André Higelin FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Auguste Hoël FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Paul Durin FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Georges Duvant FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Léon Delsarte FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Lucien Démanet FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Louis Kempe FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Georges Lagouge FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Paulin Lemaire FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Ernest Lespinasse FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Emile Martel FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Jules Pirard FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Eugène Pollet FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Georges Thurnherr FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Marcos Torrès FRA 340.100 BRONZE
François Walker FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Julien Wartelle FRA 340.100 BRONZE
Paul Wartelle FRA 340.100 BRONZE
All-around, Individual Men Giorgio Zampori KIT 88.35 GOLD
Marcos Torrès FRA 87.62 SILVER
Jean Gounot FRA 87.45 BRONZE
Free Exercises and Apparatus Team Aage Frandsen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Viggo Dibbern DEN 51.35 GOLD
Carl Andersen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Georg Albertsen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Svend Madsen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Stig Rønne DEN 51.35 GOLD
Christian Pedersen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Steen Olsen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Peder Møller DEN 51.35 GOLD
Niels Nielsen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Peder Marcussen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Vilhelm Lange DEN 51.35 GOLD
Christian Juhl DEN 51.35 GOLD
Robert Johnsen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Herold Jansson DEN 51.35 GOLD
Hugo Helsten DEN 51.35 GOLD
Harry Holm DEN 51.35 GOLD
Christian Thomas DEN 51.35 GOLD
Harry Sørensen DEN 51.35 GOLD
Knud Vermehren DEN 51.35 GOLD
Bjørn Skjærpe NOR 48.55 SILVER
Wilhelm Steffensen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Reidar Tønsberg NOR 48.55 SILVER
Olav Sundal NOR 48.55 SILVER
Lauritz Wigand-Larsen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Petter Hol NOR 48.55 SILVER
John Johansen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Otto Johannessen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Torbjørn Kristoffersen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Henrik Nielsen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Jacob Opdahl NOR 48.55 SILVER
Arthur Rydstrøm NOR 48.55 SILVER
Frithjof Sælen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Alf Lied Aanning NOR 48.55 SILVER
Karl Jan Aas NOR 48.55 SILVER
Jørgen Andersen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Gustav Bayer NOR 48.55 SILVER
Trygve Boyesen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Johannes Birk NOR 48.55 SILVER
Jørgen Bjørnestad NOR 48.55 SILVER
Asbjørn Bodahl NOR 48.55 SILVER
Eilert Bøhm NOR 48.55 SILVER
Ingolf Davidsen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Håkon Endreson NOR 48.55 SILVER
Jacob Erstad NOR 48.55 SILVER
Harald Færstad NOR 48.55 SILVER
Hermann Helgesen NOR 48.55 SILVER
Swedish System Team Ture Hedman SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Konrad Granström SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Helge Gustafson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Åke Håger SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Sture Ericsson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Erik Charpentier SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Helge Bæckander SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Fabian Biörk SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Bengt Bengtsson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Fausto Acke SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Albert Andersson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Arvid Andersson-Holtman SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Frans Persson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Bengt Mohrberg SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Sven Johnson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Sven-Olof Jonsson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Karl Lindahl SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Edmund Lindmark SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Erik Svensén SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Gösta Törner SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Gunnar Söderlindh SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Klas Sårner SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Curt Sjöberg SWE 1363.833 GOLD
John Sörensson SWE 1363.833 GOLD
Søren Sørensen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Drigstrup Sørensen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Hans Sørensen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Aage Walther DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Georg Vest DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Niels Larsen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Jens Lambæk DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Aage Jørgensen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Alfred Jørgensen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Alfred Jørgensen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Arne Jørgensen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Knud Kirkeløkke DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Hans Jakobsen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Niels Nielsen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Niels Nielsen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Mads Madsen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Dynes Pedersen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Hans Pedersen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Johannes Pedersen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Peter Pedersen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Rasmus Rasmussen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Frede Hansen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Frederik Hansen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Kristian Hansen DEN 1324.833 SILVER
Marcel Hansen BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Omer Hoffman BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Joseph Fiems BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Lucien Dehoux BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Ernest Deleu BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Léon Darrien BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Emile Duboisson BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Ernest Dureuil BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Paul Arets BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Léopold Clabots BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Jean-Baptist Claessens BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Léon Bronckaert BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Gaspard Pirotte BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Augustien Pluys BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Arnold Pierret BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
René Pinchart BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
René Paenhuysen BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Charles Maerschalck BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Louis Henin BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Félix Logiest BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Henri Verhavert BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Léopold Son BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Edouard Taeymans BEL 1094.000 BRONZE
Pierre Thiriar BEL 1094.000 BRONZE

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