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1920 Summer Olympics
Antwerp, Belgium

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Jack Kelly USA 7:35.0 GOLD
Jack Beresford GBR 7:36.0 SILVER
Darcy Hadfield NZL n/a BRONZE
Double Sculls Men Jack Kelly USA 7:09.0 GOLD
Paul Costello USA 7:09.0 GOLD
Erminio Dones KIT 7:19.0 SILVER
Pietro Annoni KIT 7:19.0 SILVER
Gaston Giran FRA 7:21.0 BRONZE
Alfred Plé FRA 7:21.0 BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men Ercole Olgeni KIT 7:56.0 GOLD
Giovanni Scatturin KIT 7:56.0 GOLD
Guido de Filip KIT 7:56.0 GOLD
Ernest Barberolle FRA 7:57.0 SILVER
Maurice Bouton FRA 7:57.0 SILVER
Gabriel Poix FRA 7:57.0 SILVER
Paul Paiget SUI n/a BRONZE
Edouard Candeveau SUI n/a BRONZE
Alfred Felber SUI n/a BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men Willy Brüderlin SUI 6:54.0 GOLD
Paul Staub SUI 6:54.0 GOLD
Hans Walter SUI 6:54.0 GOLD
Max Rudolf SUI 6:54.0 GOLD
Paul Rudolf SUI 6:54.0 GOLD
Kenneth Myers USA 6:58.0 SILVER
Sherman Clark USA 6:58.0 SILVER
Erich Federschmidt USA 6:58.0 SILVER
Franz Federschmidt USA 6:58.0 SILVER
Karl Klose USA 6:58.0 SILVER
Henry Larsen NOR n/a BRONZE
Thoralf Hagen NOR n/a BRONZE
Per Gulbrandsen NOR n/a BRONZE
Thea Klem NOR n/a BRONZE
Birger Var NOR n/a BRONZE
Eights Men William Jordan USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Edward Moore USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Alden Sanborn USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Virgil Jacomini USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Edwin Graves USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Clyde King USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Donald Johnston USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Vincent Gallagher USA 6:05.0 GOLD
Sherman Clark USA 6:05.0 GOLD
John Campbell GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Sebastian Earl GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Robin Johnstone GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Richard Lucas GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Walter James GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Ewart Horsfall GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Ralph Shove GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Guy Nickalls GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Sidney Swann GBR 6:05.8 SILVER
Tollef Tollefsen NOR n/a BRONZE
Adolf Nilsen NOR n/a BRONZE
Karl Nag NOR n/a BRONZE
Theodor Nag NOR n/a BRONZE
Arne Mortensen NOR n/a BRONZE
Conrad Olsen NOR n/a BRONZE
Thoralf Hagen NOR n/a BRONZE
Thore Michelsen NOR n/a BRONZE
Haakon Ellingsen NOR n/a BRONZE

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