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1920 Summer Olympics
Antwerp, Belgium

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Rapid-Fire Pistol Guilherme Paraense BRA 274 GOLD
Raymond Bracken USA 272 SILVER
Fritz Zulauf SUI 269 BRONZE
Free Pistol Karl Frederick USA 496 GOLD
Afrânio Antônio da Costa BRA 489 SILVER
Alfred Lane USA 481 BRONZE
Small-bore Rifle, standing Lawrence Nuesslein USA 391 GOLD
Arthur Rothrock USA 386 SILVER
Dennis Fenton USA 385 BRONZE
Trap Shooting Mark Arie USA 95 GOLD
Frank Troeh USA 93 SILVER
Frank Wright USA 87 BRONZE
Military Revolver Teams 50m James Snook USA 2372 GOLD
Raymond Bracken USA 2372 GOLD
Karl Frederick USA 2372 GOLD
Michael Kelly USA 2372 GOLD
Alfred Lane USA 2372 GOLD
Casimir Reuterskiöld SWE 2289 SILVER
Anders Johnsson SWE 2289 SILVER
Gunnar Gabrielsson SWE 2289 SILVER
Sigge Hultcrantz SWE 2289 SILVER
Anders Andersson SWE 2289 SILVER
Dario Barbosa BRA 2264 BRONZE
Afrânio Antônio da Costa BRA 2264 BRONZE
Guilherme Paraense BRA 2264 BRONZE
Fernando Soledade BRA 2264 BRONZE
Sebastião Wolf BRA 2264 BRONZE
Military Revolver Teams 30m James Snook USA 1310 GOLD
Alfred Lane USA 1310 GOLD
Karl Frederick USA 1310 GOLD
Louis Harant USA 1310 GOLD
Michael Kelly USA 1310 GOLD
Georgios Moraitinis GRE 1285 SILVER
Iasson Sapas GRE 1285 SILVER
Alexandros Theophilakis GRE 1285 SILVER
Ioannis Theophilakis GRE 1285 SILVER
Alexandros Vrassivanopoulos GRE 1285 SILVER
Fritz Zulauf SUI 1270 BRONZE
Joseph Jehle SUI 1270 BRONZE
Domenico Giambonini SUI 1270 BRONZE
Hans Egli SUI 1270 BRONZE
Gustave Amoudruz SUI 1270 BRONZE
Free Rifle Teams Dennis Fenton USA 4876 GOLD
Morris Fisher USA 4876 GOLD
Carl Osburn USA 4876 GOLD
Willis Lee USA 4876 GOLD
Lloyd Spooner USA 4876 GOLD
Guldbrand Skatteboe NOR 4748 SILVER
Olaf Sletten NOR 4748 SILVER
Østen Østensen NOR 4748 SILVER
Otto Olsen NOR 4748 SILVER
Albert Helgerud NOR 4748 SILVER
Fritz Kuchen SUI 4698 BRONZE
Fahrner SUI 4698 BRONZE
Gustave Amoudruz SUI 4698 BRONZE
Schneeberger SUI 4698 BRONZE
Siegenthaler SUI 4698 BRONZE
Free Rifle, 3 Positions Morris Fisher USA 996 GOLD
Niels Larsen DEN 989 SILVER
Østen Østensen NOR 980 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle, Prone, 300m Otto Olsen NOR 60 GOLD
Léon Johnson FRA 59 SILVER
Fritz Kuchen SUI 59 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle, Prone, 600m Hugo Johansson SWE 59 GOLD
Mauritz Eriksson SWE 59 SILVER
Lloyd Spooner USA 59 BRONZE
Individual Military Rifle, Standing Carl Osburn USA 56 GOLD
Lars Jørg Madsen DEN 55 SILVER
Lawrence Nuesslein USA 54 BRONZE
Military Rifle, Standing, Teams, 300m Anders Nielsen DEN 266 GOLD
Lars Jørg Madsen DEN 266 GOLD
Niels Larsen DEN 266 GOLD
Anders Petersen DEN 266 GOLD
Erik Sætter-Lassen DEN 266 GOLD
Lloyd Spooner USA 255 SILVER
Carl Osburn USA 255 SILVER
Willis Lee USA 255 SILVER
Lawrence Nuesslein USA 255 SILVER
Thomas Brown USA 255 SILVER
Mauritz Eriksson SWE 255 BRONZE
Olle Ericsson SWE 255 BRONZE
Hugo Johansson SWE 255 BRONZE
Leon Lagerlöf SWE 255 BRONZE
Walfrid Hellman SWE 255 BRONZE
Military Rifle, Prone, Teams, 300m Carl Osburn USA 289 GOLD
Willis Lee USA 289 GOLD
Joseph Jackson USA 289 GOLD
Morris Fisher USA 289 GOLD
Lloyd Spooner USA 289 GOLD
Léon Johnson FRA 283 SILVER
André Parmentier FRA 283 SILVER
Achille Paroche FRA 283 SILVER
Georges Roes FRA 283 SILVER
Emile Rumeau FRA 283 SILVER
Voitto Kolho FIN 281 BRONZE
Källe Lappalainen FIN 281 BRONZE
Heikki Nieminen FIN 281 BRONZE
Vilho Vaukhonen FIN 281 BRONZE
Karl Wegelius FIN 281 BRONZE
Military Rifle, Prone, Teams, 600m Lloyd Spooner USA 287 GOLD
Willis Lee USA 287 GOLD
Ollie Schriver USA 287 GOLD
Joseph Jackson USA 287 GOLD
Dennis Fenton USA 287 GOLD
Robert Bodley SAF 287 SILVER
Ferdinand Buchanan SAF 287 SILVER
George Harvey SAF 287 SILVER
Frederick Morgan SAF 287 SILVER
David Smith SAF 287 SILVER
Erik Ohlsson SWE 287 BRONZE
Hugo Johansson SWE 287 BRONZE
Adolf Jonsson SWE 287 BRONZE
Erik Blomqvist SWE 287 BRONZE
Mauritz Eriksson SWE 287 BRONZE
Military Rifle, Prone, Teams, 300+600m Joseph Jackson USA 573 GOLD
Carl Osburn USA 573 GOLD
Ollie Schriver USA 573 GOLD
Willis Lee USA 573 GOLD
Lloyd Spooner USA 573 GOLD
Olaf Sletten NOR 565 SILVER
Østen Østensen NOR 565 SILVER
Jakob Onsrud NOR 565 SILVER
Otto Olsen NOR 565 SILVER
Albert Helgerud NOR 565 SILVER
Joseph Jehle SUI 563 BRONZE
Fritz Kuchen SUI 563 BRONZE
Eugen Addor SUI 563 BRONZE
Schneeberger SUI 563 BRONZE
Weibel SUI 563 BRONZE
Small-bore Rifle Team Ollie Schriver USA 1899 GOLD
Arthur Rothrock USA 1899 GOLD
Willis Lee USA 1899 GOLD
Lawrence Nuesslein USA 1899 GOLD
Dennis Fenton USA 1899 GOLD
Oscar Erikson SWE 1873 SILVER
Leon Lagerlöf SWE 1873 SILVER
Sigge Hultcrantz SWE 1873 SILVER
Erik Ohlsson SWE 1873 SILVER
Ragnar Stare SWE 1873 SILVER
Olaf Sletten NOR 1866 BRONZE
Anton Olsen NOR 1866 BRONZE
Østen Østensen NOR 1866 BRONZE
Sigvart Johansen NOR 1866 BRONZE
Albert Helgerud NOR 1866 BRONZE
Running Deer, Single Shot Otto Olsen NOR 43 GOLD
Alf Swahn SWE 41 SILVER
Harald Natvig NOR 41 BRONZE
Running Deer, Single Shot, Team Harald Natvig NOR 178 GOLD
Einar Liberg NOR 178 GOLD
Hans Nordvik NOR 178 GOLD
Ole Lilloe-Olsen NOR 178 GOLD
Otto Olsen NOR 178 GOLD
Källe Lappalainen FIN 159 SILVER
Yrjö Kolho FIN 159 SILVER
Toivo Tikkanen FIN 159 SILVER
Nestori Toivonen FIN 159 SILVER
Karl Wegelius FIN 159 SILVER
Lloyd Spooner USA 158 BRONZE
Willis Lee USA 158 BRONZE
Lawrence Nuesslein USA 158 BRONZE
Carl Osburn USA 158 BRONZE
Thomas Brown USA 158 BRONZE
Running Deer, Double Shot Ole Lilloe-Olsen NOR 82 GOLD
Frederic Landelius SWE 77 SILVER
Einar Liberg NOR 71 BRONZE
Running Deer, Double Shot, Team Einar Liberg NOR 343 GOLD
Harald Natvig NOR 343 GOLD
Hans Nordvik NOR 343 GOLD
Ole Lilloe-Olsen NOR 343 GOLD
Thorstein Johansen NOR 343 GOLD
Frederic Landelius SWE 336 SILVER
Bengt Lagercrantz SWE 336 SILVER
Edward Benedicks SWE 336 SILVER
Oscar Swahn SWE 336 SILVER
Alf Swahn SWE 336 SILVER
Toivo Tikkanen FIN 285 BRONZE
Nestori Toivonen FIN 285 BRONZE
Vilho Vaukhonen FIN 285 BRONZE
Karl Wegelius FIN 285 BRONZE
Yrjö Kolho FIN 285 BRONZE
Trap Shooting, Team Forest McNeir USA 547 GOLD
Mark Arie USA 547 GOLD
Jay Clark USA 547 GOLD
Horace Bonser USA 547 GOLD
Frank Wright USA 547 GOLD
Frank Troeh USA 547 GOLD
Louis van Tilt BEL 503 SILVER
Albert Bosquet BEL 503 SILVER
Joseph Cogels BEL 503 SILVER
Emile Dupont BEL 503 SILVER
Edouard Fesinger BEL 503 SILVER
Henri Quersin BEL 503 SILVER
Karl Richter SWE 500 BRONZE
Erik Lundquist SWE 500 BRONZE
Frederic Landelius SWE 500 BRONZE
Per Kinde SWE 500 BRONZE
Alf Swahn SWE 500 BRONZE
Erik Sökjer-Petersén SWE 500 BRONZE

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