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1920 Summer Olympics
Antwerp, Belgium

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Duke Kahanamoku USA 1:00.4 GOLD
Pua Kealoha USA 1:02.2 SILVER
William Harris USA 1:03.2 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Norman Ross USA 5:26.8 GOLD
Ludy Langer USA 5:29.0 SILVER
George Vernot CAN 5:29.6 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Norman Ross USA 22:23.2 GOLD
George Vernot CAN 22:36.4 est. SILVER
Frank Beaurepaire AUS 23:04.0 est. BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men Warren Kealoha USA 1:15.2 GOLD
Ray Kegeris USA 1:16.8 SILVER
Gérard Blitz BEL 1:19.0 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Håkan Malmroth SWE 3:04.4 GOLD
Thor Henning SWE 3:09.2 SILVER
Arvo Aaltonen FIN 3:12.2 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men Perry McGillivray USA 10:04.4 GOLD
Norman Ross USA 10:04.4 GOLD
Pua Kealoha USA 10:04.4 GOLD
Duke Kahanamoku USA 10:04.4 GOLD
Frank Beaurepaire AUS 10:25.4 SILVER
William Herald AUS 10:25.4 SILVER
Henry Hay AUS 10:25.4 SILVER
Ivan Stedman AUS 10:25.4 SILVER
Henry Taylor GBR 10:37.2 BRONZE
Edward Peter GBR 10:37.2 BRONZE
Harold Annison GBR 10:37.2 BRONZE
Leslie Savage GBR 10:37.2 BRONZE
400m Breaststroke Men Håkan Malmroth SWE 6:31.8 GOLD
Thor Henning SWE 6:45.2 SILVER
Arvo Aaltonen FIN 6:48.0 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Ethelda Bleibtrey USA 1:13.6 GOLD
Irene Guest USA 1:17.0 SILVER
Frances Schroth USA 1:17.2 BRONZE
300m Freestyle Women Ethelda Bleibtrey USA 4:34.0 GOLD
Margaret Woodbridge USA 4:42.8 SILVER
Frances Schroth USA 4:52.0 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Frances Schroth USA 5:11.6 GOLD
Ethelda Bleibtrey USA 5:11.6 GOLD
Irene Guest USA 5:11.6 GOLD
Margaret Woodbridge USA 5:11.6 GOLD
Charlotte Radcliffe GBR 5:40.8 SILVER
Hilda James GBR 5:40.8 SILVER
Constance Jeans GBR 5:40.8 SILVER
Grace McKenzie GBR 5:40.8 SILVER
Karin Nilsson SWE 5:43.6 BRONZE
Emy Machnow SWE 5:43.6 BRONZE
Jane Gylling SWE 5:43.6 BRONZE
Aina Berg SWE 5:43.6 BRONZE

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