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1920 Summer Olympics
Antwerp, Belgium

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
12' Dinghy Cornelis Hin NED 4 GOLD
Franciscus Hin NED 4 GOLD
Johannes Hin NED 4 GOLD
Petrus Beukers NED 5 SILVER
Arnoud van der Biesen NED 5 SILVER
6 Meter Class Ingolf Rød NOR GOLD
Andreas Brecke NOR GOLD
Pål Kaasan NOR GOLD
Léon Huybrechts BEL SILVER
Charles van den Bussche BEL SILVER
6 Meter Class, 1907 Rating Fréderic-Albert Bruynseels BEL 5 GOLD
Emile Cornellie BEL 5 GOLD
Florimond Cornellie BEL 5 GOLD
Leif Erichsen NOR 7 SILVER
Annan Knudsen NOR 7 SILVER
Ejnar Torgersen NOR 7 SILVER
Trygve Pedersen NOR 9 BRONZE
Einar Berntsen NOR 9 BRONZE
Henrik Agersborg NOR 9 BRONZE
6½ Meter Class Bernard Carp NED 2 GOLD
Robbert Carp NED 2 GOLD
Petrus Wernink NED 2 GOLD
Albert Weil FRA 4 SILVER
Félix Picon FRA 4 SILVER
Robert Monier FRA 4 SILVER
7 Meter Class W J Maddison GBR 4 GOLD
Robert Coleman GBR 4 GOLD
Cyril Wright GBR 4 GOLD
Dorothy Wright GBR 4 GOLD
Sten Abel NOR 5 SILVER
Johann Faye NOR 5 SILVER
Christian Dick NOR 5 SILVER
Niels Nielsen NOR 5 SILVER
8 Meter Class Reidar Marthiniussen NOR 3 GOLD
Magnus Konow NOR 3 GOLD
Torleiv Christoffersen NOR 3 GOLD
Ragnar Vig NOR 3 GOLD
Nils Thomas NOR 6 SILVER
Lauritz Schmidt NOR 6 SILVER
Ralph Tschudi NOR 6 SILVER
Jens Salvesen NOR 6 SILVER
Finn Schiander NOR 6 SILVER
Willy De l'Arbre BEL 9 BRONZE
Albert Grisar BEL 9 BRONZE
Georges Hellebuyck BEL 9 BRONZE
Henri Weewauters BEL 9 BRONZE
Léopold Standaert BEL 9 BRONZE
8 Meter Class, 1907 Rating August Ringvold Snr. NOR GOLD
Tell Wagle NOR GOLD
Thorleif Holbye NOR GOLD
Kristoffer Olsen NOR GOLD
Alf Bruun Jacobsen NOR GOLD
10 Meter Class, 1907 Rating Gunnar Jamvold NOR GOLD
Petter Jamvold NOR GOLD
Claus Juell NOR GOLD
Sigurd Holter NOR GOLD
Ingar Nielsen NOR GOLD
Erik Herseth NOR GOLD
Ole Sørensen NOR GOLD
10 Meter Class, 1919 Rating Arne Sejersted NOR GOLD
Otto Falkenberg NOR GOLD
Willy Gilbert NOR GOLD
Robert Gjertsen NOR GOLD
Charles Acher Arentz NOR GOLD
Halfdan Schjøtt NOR GOLD
Trygve Schjøtt NOR GOLD
12 Meter Class, 1907 Rating Henrik Østervold NOR GOLD
Jan Østervold NOR GOLD
Kristen Østervold NOR GOLD
Ole Østervold NOR GOLD
Halvor Møgster NOR GOLD
Hans Næss NOR GOLD
Halvor Birkeland NOR GOLD
Rasmus Birkeland NOR GOLD
Lauritz Christiansen NOR GOLD
12 Meter Class, 1919 Rating Martin Borthen NOR GOLD
Arthur Allers NOR GOLD
Johan Friele NOR GOLD
Kaspar Hassel NOR GOLD
Erik Ørvig NOR GOLD
Olav Ørvig NOR GOLD
Thor Ørvig NOR GOLD
Egil Reimers NOR GOLD
Christen Wiese NOR GOLD
30m² Class Rolf Steffenburg SWE GOLD
Gösta Lundqvist SWE GOLD
Gösta Bengtsson SWE GOLD
40m² Class Tore Holm SWE 4 GOLD
Yngve Holm SWE 4 GOLD
Axel Rydin SWE 4 GOLD
Georg Tengwall SWE 4 GOLD
Gustaf Svensson SWE 6 SILVER
Ragnar Svensson SWE 6 SILVER
Percy Almstedt SWE 6 SILVER
Erik Mellbin SWE 6 SILVER
18' Dinghy Francis Richards GBR GOLD
Thomas Hedberg GBR GOLD

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