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1924 Summer Olympics
Paris, France

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Horizontal Bar Leon Stukelj YUG 19.73 GOLD
Jean Gutweniger SUI 19.236 SILVER
André Higelin FRA 19.163 BRONZE
Parallel Bars August Güttinger SUI 21.63 GOLD
Robert Prazák CZE 21.61 SILVER
Giorgio Zampori KIT 21.45 BRONZE
Long Horse Vault Frank Kriz USA 9.98 GOLD
Jan Koutny CZE 9.97 SILVER
Bohumil Mockovsky CZE 9.93 BRONZE
Pommeled Horse Josef Wilhelm SUI 21.23 GOLD
Jean Gutweniger SUI 21.13 SILVER
Antoine Rebetez SUI 20.73 BRONZE
Rings Francesco Martino KIT 21.553 GOLD
Robert Prazák CZE 21.483 SILVER
Ladislav Vácha CZE 21.43 BRONZE
Team Combined Exercises Giorgio Zampori KIT 839.058 GOLD
Giuseppe Paris KIT 839.058 GOLD
Francesco Martino KIT 839.058 GOLD
Mario Lertora KIT 839.058 GOLD
Vittorio Lucchetti KIT 839.058 GOLD
Luigi Maiocco KIT 839.058 GOLD
Ferdinando Mandrini KIT 839.058 GOLD
Luigi Cambiaso KIT 839.058 GOLD
Eugène Cordonnier FRA 820.528 SILVER
Léon Delsarte FRA 820.528 SILVER
François Gangloff FRA 820.528 SILVER
Jean Gounot FRA 820.528 SILVER
Arthur Hermann FRA 820.528 SILVER
André Higelin FRA 820.528 SILVER
Joseph Huber FRA 820.528 SILVER
Albert Séguin FRA 820.528 SILVER
Antoine Rebetez SUI 816.661 BRONZE
Georges Miez SUI 816.661 BRONZE
Otto Pfister SUI 816.661 BRONZE
Hans Grieder SUI 816.661 BRONZE
Jean Gutweniger SUI 816.661 BRONZE
August Güttinger SUI 816.661 BRONZE
Josef Wilhelm SUI 816.661 BRONZE
Carl Widmer SUI 816.661 BRONZE
All-around, Individual Men Leon Stukelj YUG 110.34 GOLD
Robert Prazák CZE 110.323 SILVER
Bedrich Supcík CZE 106.93 BRONZE
Rope climbing Bedrich Supcík CZE 7.2 GOLD
Albert Séguin FRA 7.4 SILVER
August Güttinger SUI 7.8 BRONZE
Ladislav Vácha CZE 7.8 BRONZE
Sidehorse Vault Albert Séguin FRA 10.00 GOLD
Jean Gounot FRA 9.93 SILVER
François Gangloff FRA 9.93 SILVER

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