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1924 Summer Olympics
Paris, France

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Jack Beresford GBR 7:49.2 GOLD
William Gilmore USA 7:54.0 SILVER
Josef Schneider SUI 8:01.1 BRONZE
Double Sculls Men Jack Kelly USA 6:34.0 GOLD
Paul Costello USA 6:34.0 GOLD
Marc Detton FRA 6:38.0 SILVER
Jean-Pierre Stock FRA 6:38.0 SILVER
Heini Thoma SUI n/a BRONZE
Rudolf Bosshard SUI n/a BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Men Teun Beijnen NED 8:19.4 GOLD
Wilhelm Rösingh NED 8:19.4 GOLD
Georges Piot FRA 8:21.6 SILVER
Maurice Bouton FRA 8:21.6 SILVER
Coxed Pairs Men Edouard Candeveau SUI 8:39.0 GOLD
Emile Lachapelle SUI 8:39.0 GOLD
Alfred Felber SUI 8:39.0 GOLD
Ercole Olgeni KIT 8:39.1 SILVER
Giovanni Scatturin KIT 8:39.1 SILVER
Gino Sopracordevole KIT 8:39.1 SILVER
Edward Jennings USA n/a BRONZE
Leon Butler USA n/a BRONZE
Harold Wilson USA n/a BRONZE
Coxless Fours Men Maxwell Eley GBR 7:08.6 GOLD
Robert Morrison GBR 7:08.6 GOLD
Terence Sanders GBR 7:08.6 GOLD
James Macnabb GBR 7:08.6 GOLD
George MacKay CAN 7:18.0 SILVER
Archibald Black CAN 7:18.0 SILVER
Colin Finlayson CAN 7:18.0 SILVER
William Wood CAN 7:18.0 SILVER
Hans Walter SUI n/a BRONZE
Emile Albrecht SUI n/a BRONZE
Alfred Probst SUI n/a BRONZE
Eugen Sigg-Bächthold SUI n/a BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men Eugen Sigg-Bächthold SUI 7:18.4 GOLD
Alfred Probst SUI 7:18.4 GOLD
Emile Albrecht SUI 7:18.4 GOLD
Emile Lachapelle SUI 7:18.4 GOLD
Hans Walter SUI 7:18.4 GOLD
Eugène Constant FRA 7:21.6 SILVER
Louis Gressier FRA 7:21.6 SILVER
Georges Lecointe FRA 7:21.6 SILVER
Marcel Lepan FRA 7:21.6 SILVER
Raymond Talleux FRA 7:21.6 SILVER
Edward Mitchell USA 7:23.0 BRONZE
Robert Gerhardt USA 7:23.0 BRONZE
John Kennedy USA 7:23.0 BRONZE
Sidney Jelinek USA 7:23.0 BRONZE
Henry Welsford USA 7:23.0 BRONZE
Eights Men Alfred Wilson USA 6:33.4 GOLD
Howard Kingsbury USA 6:33.4 GOLD
Leonard Carpenter USA 6:33.4 GOLD
John Miller USA 6:33.4 GOLD
Al Lindley USA 6:33.4 GOLD
James Rockefeller USA 6:33.4 GOLD
Benjamin Spock USA 6:33.4 GOLD
Laurence Stoddard USA 6:33.4 GOLD
Frederick Sheffield USA 6:33.4 GOLD
John Smith CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
Warren Snyder CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
Norman Taylor CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
Harold Little CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
Arthur Bell CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
Ivor Campbell CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
William Langford CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
Robert Hunter CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
William Wallace CAN 6:49.0 SILVER
Pietro Ivanov KIT n/a BRONZE
Latino Galasso KIT n/a BRONZE
Giuseppe Grivelli KIT n/a BRONZE
Vittorio Gliubich KIT n/a BRONZE
Antonio Cattalinich KIT n/a BRONZE
Francesco Cattalinich KIT n/a BRONZE
Simeone Cattalinich KIT n/a BRONZE
Carlo Toniatti KIT n/a BRONZE
Bruno Sorich KIT n/a BRONZE

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