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1924 Summer Olympics
Paris, France

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Rugby Philip Clark USA GOLD
Norman Cleaveland USA GOLD
Hugh Cunningham USA GOLD
Dudley De Groot USA GOLD
Robert Deveraux USA GOLD
George Dixon USA GOLD
Charles Doe USA GOLD
Linn Farrish USA GOLD
Edward Graff USA GOLD
Richard Hyland USA GOLD
Caesar Manelli USA GOLD
William Rogers USA GOLD
Rudolph Scholz USA GOLD
Colby Slater USA GOLD
Norman Slater USA GOLD
John O'Neil USA GOLD
Jack Patrick USA GOLD
Edward Turkington USA GOLD
Alan Valentine USA GOLD
Alan Williams USA GOLD
Jean Vaysse FRA SILVER
Étienne Piquiral FRA SILVER
Adolphe Jauréguy FRA SILVER
Félix Lasserre FRA SILVER
Marcel-Frédéric Lubin-Lebrère FRA SILVER
Henri Galau FRA SILVER
Gilbert Gérintès FRA SILVER
Clément Dupont FRA SILVER
Albert Dupouy FRA SILVER
Jean Etcheberry FRA SILVER
Jean Bayard FRA SILVER
Louis Beguet FRA SILVER
André Behotéguy FRA SILVER
Alexandre Bioussa FRA SILVER
Étienne Bonnes FRA SILVER
Adolphe Bousquet FRA SILVER
Aimé Cassayet-Armagnac FRA SILVER
Gheorghe Bentia ROM BRONZE
Ion Garlesteanu ROM BRONZE
Dumitru Armasel ROM BRONZE
Theodor Florian ROM BRONZE
Nicolae Marascu ROM BRONZE
Theodor Marian ROM BRONZE
Sorin Mihailescu ROM BRONZE
Paul Nedelcovici ROM BRONZE
losif Nemes ROM BRONZE
Mihail Vardala ROM BRONZE
Paul Vidrascu ROM BRONZE
Dumitru Volvoreanu ROM BRONZE
Soare Sterian ROM BRONZE
Atanasie Tanasescu ROM BRONZE
Eugen Sfetescu ROM BRONZE
Mircea Sfetescu ROM BRONZE

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