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1924 Summer Olympics
Paris, France

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Rapid-Fire Pistol Henry Bailey USA 18 GOLD
Vilhelm Carlberg SWE 18 SILVER
Lennart Hannelius FIN 18 BRONZE
Small-bore Rifle, prone Pierre Coquelin de Lisle FRA 398 GOLD
Marcus Dinwiddie USA 396 SILVER
Josias Hartmann SUI 394 BRONZE
Trap Shooting Gyula Halasy HUN 98 GOLD
Konrad Huber FIN 98 SILVER
Frank Hughes USA 97 BRONZE
Free Rifle Teams Sidney Hinds USA 676 GOLD
Morris Fisher USA 676 GOLD
Joseph Crockett USA 676 GOLD
Raymond Coulter USA 676 GOLD
Walter Stokes USA 676 GOLD
Emile Rumeau FRA 646 SILVER
Georges Roes FRA 646 SILVER
Paul Colas FRA 646 SILVER
Albert Courquin FRA 646 SILVER
Pierre Hardy FRA 646 SILVER
Ludovic Augustin HAI 646 BRONZE
Destin Destine HAI 646 BRONZE
Astrel Rolland HAI 646 BRONZE
Eloi Metullus HAI 646 BRONZE
Ludovic Valborge HAI 646 BRONZE
Free Rifle, 3 Positions Morris Fisher USA 95 GOLD
Carl Osburn USA 95 SILVER
Niels Larsen DEN 93 BRONZE
Running Deer, Single Shot John Boles USA 40 GOLD
Cyril Mackworth-Praed GBR 39 SILVER
Otto Olsen NOR 39 BRONZE
Running Deer, Single Shot, Team Otto Olsen NOR 160 GOLD
Ole Lilloe-Olsen NOR 160 GOLD
Harald Natvig NOR 160 GOLD
Einar Liberg NOR 160 GOLD
Frederic Landelius SWE 154 SILVER
Otto Hultberg SWE 154 SILVER
Mauritz Johansson SWE 154 SILVER
Alf Swahn SWE 154 SILVER
Walter Stokes USA 148 BRONZE
John Boles USA 148 BRONZE
Raymond Coulter USA 148 BRONZE
Dennis Fenton USA 148 BRONZE
Running Deer, Double Shot Ole Lilloe-Olsen NOR 76 GOLD
Cyril Mackworth-Praed GBR 72 SILVER
Alf Swahn SWE 72 BRONZE
Running Deer, Double Shot, Team Allen Whitty GBR 263 GOLD
Cyril Mackworth-Praed GBR 263 GOLD
Philip Neame GBR 263 GOLD
Herbert Perry GBR 263 GOLD
Otto Olsen NOR 262 SILVER
Ole Lilloe-Olsen NOR 262 SILVER
Harald Natvig NOR 262 SILVER
Einar Liberg NOR 262 SILVER
Frederic Landelius SWE 250 BRONZE
Mauritz Johansson SWE 250 BRONZE
Axel Ekblom SWE 250 BRONZE
Alf Swahn SWE 250 BRONZE
Trap Shooting, Team Samuel Sharman USA 363 GOLD
William Silkworth USA 363 GOLD
Fred Etchen USA 363 GOLD
Frank Hughes USA 363 GOLD
George Beattie CAN 360 SILVER
John Black CAN 360 SILVER
Samuel Vance CAN 360 SILVER
Robert Montgomery CAN 360 SILVER
Toivo Tikkanen FIN 360 BRONZE
Werner Ekman FIN 360 BRONZE
Konrad Huber FIN 360 BRONZE
Robert Huber FIN 360 BRONZE

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