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1924 Summer Olympics
Paris, France

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Johnny Weissmuller USA 0:59.0 GOLD
Duke Kahanamoku USA 1:01.4 SILVER
Samuel Kahanamoku USA 1:01.8 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Johnny Weissmuller USA 5:04.2 GOLD
Arne Borg SWE 5:05.6 SILVER
Andrew Charlton AUS 5:06.6 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Andrew Charlton AUS 20:06.6 GOLD
Arne Borg SWE 20:41.4 SILVER
Frank Beaurepaire AUS 21:48.4 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men Warren Kealoha USA 1:13.2 GOLD
Paul Wyatt USA 1:15.4 SILVER
Károly Bartha HUN 1:17.8 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Robert Skelton USA 2:56.6 GOLD
Joseph De Combe BEL 2:59.2 SILVER
William Kirschbaum USA 3:01.0 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men Wallace O'Connor USA 9:53.4 GOLD
Harrison Glancy USA 9:53.4 GOLD
Ralph Breyer USA 9:53.4 GOLD
Johnny Weissmuller USA 9:53.4 GOLD
Andrew Charlton AUS 10:02.2 SILVER
Maurice Christie AUS 10:02.2 SILVER
Frank Beaurepaire AUS 10:02.2 SILVER
Ernest Henry AUS 10:02.2 SILVER
Arne Borg SWE 10:06.8 BRONZE
Åke Borg SWE 10:06.8 BRONZE
Georg Werner SWE 10:06.8 BRONZE
Orvar Trolle SWE 10:06.8 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Ethel Lackie USA 1:12.4 GOLD
Mariechen Wehselau USA 1:12.8 SILVER
Gertrude Ederle USA 1:14.2 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Martha Norelius USA 6:02.2 GOLD
Helen Wainwright USA 6:03.8 SILVER
Gertrude Ederle USA 6:04.8 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Sybil Bauer USA 1:23.2 GOLD
Phyllis Harding GBR 1:27.4 SILVER
Aileen Riggin USA 1:28.2 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Lucy Morton GBR 3:33.2 GOLD
Agnes Geraghty USA 3:34.0 SILVER
Gladys Carson GBR 3:35.4 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Euphrasia Donnelly USA 4:58.8 GOLD
Ethel Lackie USA 4:58.8 GOLD
Gertrude Ederle USA 4:58.8 GOLD
Mariechen Wehselau USA 4:58.8 GOLD
Vera Tanner GBR 5:17.0 SILVER
Constance Jeans GBR 5:17.0 SILVER
Grace McKenzie GBR 5:17.0 SILVER
Florence Barker GBR 5:17.0 SILVER
Aina Berg SWE 5:35.6 BRONZE
Wivan Pettersson SWE 5:35.6 BRONZE
Gurli Everlund SWE 5:35.6 BRONZE
Hjördis Töpel SWE 5:35.6 BRONZE

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