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1928 Summer Olympics
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Track & Field

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Men Percy Williams CAN 10.8 GOLD
Jack London GBR 10.9 SILVER
Georg Lammers GER 10.9 BRONZE
200m Men Percy Williams CAN 21.8 GOLD
Walter Rangeley GBR 21.9 SILVER
Helmuth Körnig GER 21.9 BRONZE
400m Men Raymond Barbuti USA 47.8 GOLD
James Ball CAN 48.0 SILVER
Joachim Büchner GER 48.2 BRONZE
800m Men Douglas Lowe GBR 1:51.8 GOLD
Erik Byléhn SWE 1:52.8 SILVER
Hermann Engelhard GER 1:53.2 BRONZE
1500m Men Harry Larva FIN 3:53.2 GOLD
Jules Ladoumègue FRA 3:53.8 SILVER
Eino Purje-Borg FIN 3:56.4 BRONZE
5000m Men Ville Ritola FIN 14:38.0 GOLD
Paavo Nurmi FIN 14:40.0 SILVER
Edvin Wide SWE 14:41.2 BRONZE
10000m Men Paavo Nurmi FIN 30:18.8 GOLD
Ville Ritola FIN 30:19.4 SILVER
Edvin Wide SWE 31:00.8 BRONZE
Marathon Men Bouguerra El Quafi FRA 2:32:57.0 GOLD
Manuel Plaza Reyes CHI 2:33:23 SILVER
Martti Marttelin FIN 2:35.02 BRONZE
110m Hurdles Men Sidney Atkinson SAF 14.8 GOLD
Stephen Anderson USA 14.8 SILVER
John Collier USA 14.9 BRONZE
400m Hurdles Men Lord David Burghley GBR 53.4 GOLD
Frank Cuhel USA 53.6 SILVER
Morgan Taylor USA 53.6 BRONZE
3000m Steeplechase Men Toivo Loukola FIN 9:21.8 GOLD
Paavo Nurmi FIN 9:31.2 SILVER
Ove Andersen FIN 9:35.6 BRONZE
4x100m Relay Men Charles Borah USA 41.0 GOLD
Jimmy Quinn USA 41.0 GOLD
Frank Wykoff USA 41.0 GOLD
Hank Russell USA 41.0 GOLD
Richard Corts GER 41.2 SILVER
Georg Lammers GER 41.2 SILVER
Helmuth Körnig GER 41.2 SILVER
Hubert Houben GER 41.2 SILVER
Cyril Gill GBR 41.8 BRONZE
Jack London GBR 41.8 BRONZE
Edward Smouha GBR 41.8 BRONZE
Walter Rangeley GBR 41.8 BRONZE
4x400m Relay Men Bud Spencer USA 3:14.2 GOLD
Frederick Alderman USA 3:14.2 GOLD
George Baird USA 3:14.2 GOLD
Raymond Barbuti USA 3:14.2 GOLD
Hermann Engelhard GER 3:14.8 SILVER
Otto Neumann GER 3:14.8 SILVER
Richard Krebs GER 3:14.8 SILVER
Harry Storz GER 3:14.8 SILVER
Alexander Wilson CAN 3:15.4 BRONZE
Stanley Glover CAN 3:15.4 BRONZE
Philip Edwards CAN 3:15.4 BRONZE
James Ball CAN 3:15.4 BRONZE
High Jump Men Bob King USA 1.94 GOLD
Benjamin Hedges USA 1.91 SILVER
Claude Ménard FRA 1.91 BRONZE
Pole Vault Men Sabin Carr USA 4.20 GOLD
Bill Droegemuller USA 4.10 SILVER
Charles McGinnis USA 3.95 BRONZE
Long Jump Men Ed Hamm USA 7.73 GOLD
Sylvio Cator HAI 7.58 SILVER
Alfred Bates USA 7.40 BRONZE
Triple Jump Men Mikio Oda JPN 15.21 GOLD
Levi Casey USA 15.17 SILVER
Ville Tuulos FIN 15.11 BRONZE
Shot Put Men John Kuck USA 15.87 GOLD
Herman Brix USA 15.75 SILVER
Emil Hirschfeld GER 15.72 BRONZE
Discus Throw Men Bud Houser USA 47.32 GOLD
Antero Kivi FIN 47.23 SILVER
James Corson USA 47.10 BRONZE
Hammer Throw Men Patrick O'Callaghan IRL 51.39 GOLD
Ossian Skiöld SWE 51.29 SILVER
Ed Black USA 49.03 BRONZE
Javelin Throw Men Erik Lundkvist SWE 66.60 GOLD
Béla Szepes HUN 65.26 SILVER
Olav Sunde NOR 63.97 BRONZE
Decathlon Men Paavo Yrjölä FIN 8053 GOLD
Aki Järvinen FIN 7931.5 SILVER
Ken Doherty USA 7706.65 BRONZE
100m Women Elizabeth Robinson USA 12.2 GOLD
Fanny Rosenfeld CAN 12.3 SILVER
Ethel Smith CAN 12.3 BRONZE
800m Women Lina Radke GER 2:16.8 GOLD
Kinue Hitomi JPN 2:17.6 SILVER
Inga Gentzel SWE 2:17.8 BRONZE
4x100m Relay Women Myrtle Cook CAN 48.4 GOLD
Florence Bell CAN 48.4 GOLD
Fanny Rosenfeld CAN 48.4 GOLD
Ethel Smith CAN 48.4 GOLD
Mary Washburn USA 48.8 SILVER
Elizabeth Robinson USA 48.8 SILVER
Jessie Cross USA 48.8 SILVER
Loretta McNeil USA 48.8 SILVER
Anni Holdmann GER 49.0 BRONZE
Leni Junker GER 49.0 BRONZE
Rosa Kellner GER 49.0 BRONZE
Leni Schmidt GER 49.0 BRONZE
High Jump Women Ethel Catherwood CAN 1.59 GOLD
Carolina Gisolf NED 1.56 SILVER
Mildred Wiley USA 1.56 BRONZE
Discus Throw Women Halina Konopacka POL 39.62 GOLD
Lillian Copeland USA 37.08 SILVER
Ruth Svedberg SWE 35.92 BRONZE

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