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1928 Summer Olympics
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Horizontal Bar Georges Miez SUI 19.17 GOLD
Romeo Neri KIT 19.00 SILVER
Parallel Bars Ladislav Vácha CZE 18.83 GOLD
Joze Primozic YUG 18.50 SILVER
Hermann Hänggi SUI 18.08 BRONZE
Eugen Mack SUI 18.08 BRONZE
Long Horse Vault Eugen Mack SUI 9.58 GOLD
Emanuel Løffler CZE 9.50 SILVER
Stane Derganc YUG 9.46 BRONZE
Pommeled Horse Hermann Hänggi SUI 19.75 GOLD
Georges Miez SUI 19.25 SILVER
Heikki Savolainen FIN 18.83 BRONZE
Rings Leon Stukelj YUG 19.25 GOLD
Ladislav Vácha CZE 19.17 SILVER
Emanuel Løffler CZE 18.83 BRONZE
Team Combined Exercises Eugen Mack SUI 1718.625 GOLD
Hermann Hänggi SUI 1718.625 GOLD
Hans Grieder SUI 1718.625 GOLD
August Güttinger SUI 1718.625 GOLD
Edi Steinemann SUI 1718.625 GOLD
Georges Miez SUI 1718.625 GOLD
Otto Pfister SUI 1718.625 GOLD
Melchior Wezel SUI 1718.625 GOLD
Ladislav Tikal CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Václav Vesely CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Jan Koutny CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Bedrich Supcík CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Ladislav Vácha CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Josef Effenberger CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Jan Gajdos CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Emanuel Løffler CZE 1712.25 SILVER
Anton Malej YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
Boris Gregorka YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
Stane Derganc YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
Dragutin Ciotti YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
Edvard Antosiewicz YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
Leon Stukelj YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
Janez Porenta YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
Joze Primozic YUG 1648.75 BRONZE
All-around, Individual Men Georges Miez SUI 247.5 GOLD
Hermann Hänggi SUI 246.625 SILVER
Leon Stukelj YUG 244.875 BRONZE
Team Combined Exercises Women Jacoba Stelma NED 316.75 GOLD
Jud Simons NED 316.75 GOLD
Alie van den Bos NED 316.75 GOLD
Anna van der Vegt NED 316.75 GOLD
Jacomina van den Berg NED 316.75 GOLD
Petronella van Randwijk NED 316.75 GOLD
Hendrika van Rumt NED 316.75 GOLD
Lea Nordheim NED 316.75 GOLD
Ans Polak NED 316.75 GOLD
Estella Agsteribbe NED 316.75 GOLD
Elka de Levie NED 316.75 GOLD
Petronella Burgerhof NED 316.75 GOLD
Lavinia Gianoni KIT 289.00 SILVER
Luigina Giavotti KIT 289.00 SILVER
Virginia Giorgi KIT 289.00 SILVER
Bianca Ambrosetti KIT 289.00 SILVER
Clara Marangoni KIT 289.00 SILVER
Germana Malabarba KIT 289.00 SILVER
Diana Pizzavini KIT 289.00 SILVER
Luigina Perversi KIT 289.00 SILVER
Ines Vercesi KIT 289.00 SILVER
Luisa Tanzini KIT 289.00 SILVER
Rita Vittadini KIT 289.00 SILVER
Carolina Tronconi KIT 289.00 SILVER
Doris Woods GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Ada Smith GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Hilda Smith GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Edith Pickles GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Midge Moreman GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Ethel Seymour GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Margaret Hartley GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Amy Jagger GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Queenie Judd GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Jessie Kite GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Annie Broadbent GBR 258.25 BRONZE
Lucy Desmond GBR 258.25 BRONZE

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